World Tag Team Titles to be defended at SAW, Feb. 14th

02-14-14 NWA - SAWSt. Valentine’s day is usually about sharing the love and admiration for a couple, but Friday February 14th at the SAWMill Arena, Love is replaced with Violence.

The Lords of K.A.O.S. (Damien Wayne and Lance Erikson) challenge the NWA World Heavyweight Champions the Iron Godz (Jax Dane and NWA World Champion Rob Conway) at SAW’s St. Valentine’s Day Madness.

Currently, Conway and Dane are scheduled to defend the World Tag Team Championships in Japan on the 14th against Ten-Koji and a few weeks later against the Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team: Haas and Benjamin.  If the Iron Godz are successful, they will be facing the LOK.

Clearly the Iron Godz have a difficult road ahead of them.

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