World Champion KO’d in Hollywood

The After Effects of A Murder Bomb

The After Effects of A Murder Bomb

On impact you began to wonder if something had went wrong.  Pearce normally very animated in the ring laid frozen.  Not even a twitch.  The after affects of a “Big Nasty” Murderbomb.

In what I  can only describe as one of the scariest moments in all of my experiences watching professional wrestling “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce was knocked out during his match with Eric Watts.  The Murderbomb is just like a Razor’s Edge for those who don’t know.

Pearce was met with cheers as the NWA World Champion returned to Glendale California to celebrate the 100th episode of CWF Hollywood.  Pearce who is a member of the Family Stone was sent by Stu Stone to test the worthiness of Eric Watts.  The high energy, high impact battle was an amazing re-match the two had many months ago for the World Heavyweight Championship.  In order to keep his status with the Family Stone, Watts had to defeat Pearce.

“Scrap Iron” had flown from South Padre Island to Houston and then to San Diego, drove 2 and half hours to Glendale to take this match.  The crowd was ecstatic to see the returning champion and rose to their feet in admiration.  On this historic night the loud cheers and applause were silenced.

Thankfully I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve spent an evening like this in my 17 years in pro wrestling. These are the pros of Glendale, CA fire department that made sure my brain wasn’t falling out.

Don’t worry DePere and Racine, WI. I will be there this weekend as promised.

–Adam Pearce

Pearce had defended the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in Brownsville on the Friday before.  This was likely Pearce’s final match in CWF Hollywood and for one more night the fans in Hollywood were treated to the personification of a World Champion.  After Pearce upcoming bouts in Wisconsin, he is scheduled to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the Land Down Under in the Conclusion of the Seven Levels of Hate.

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