Will the Real NWA Mexico Welterweight Champion Please Stand Up?

It isn’t too late to see the NWA Mexican Welterweight Championship Match from GALLI http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/Lucha_Libre_GALLI_Culminacion_Final/1387/?refCode=GFLA196.

The build up between Discovery and the NWA Meixcan Welterweight Champion Skayde was supposed to culminate at the GALLI iPPV.  When the NWA Sanctioned Match official was knocked down when Skayde accidentally missed a dropkick.  This is when things got out of control when a different person wearing a Discovery Mask proceeded to obliterate the NWA Ref.  The GALLI Official ended up counting the three against Skayde. Cleary the match should have been called a disqualification once Skayde inadvertently struck the official.  Even if the NWA Official was choosing  to be relaxed on the rules, then there would have been no arguments ending the match after the official was obliterated by the fake Discovery.  However, with no official announcement pertaining to to the match, from the NWA Mexico Office, then who is the Mexico Welterweight Champion?

Cassandro, the NWA World Welterweight Champion has been hospitalized and is currently undergoing surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery.
NWA Mexico President and former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and current Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. has been competing in Puerto Rico for WWC. Demon Jr. has recently wrestled against former WWE and current Ring Ka King stars Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

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