Wildkat TV Review: February 3rd 2023

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Welcome to this week’s review for Wildkat TV, the weekly TV/YouTube show for Wildkat Sports, where a single match is aired each week from a show performed by the promotion.

This week’s big match is:

Edge Stone vs. Jace Valor

Jace Valor was determined to start this match by actually, you know, wrestling, but Edge Stone chose violence instead, backing Valor into a corner and smashing him in the face with a big forearm. This didn’t put Valor off his stride, as he nailed a couple of big jumping forearms of his own before taking to the ropes with a missile dropkick.

Stone managed to land on his feet coming out of a monkey flip and dropped Valor with a big clothesline. Slowing the pace, Edge Stone kept Valor grounded with big fists and kicks, as well as arrogantly parading himself to the crowd, who actually seemed impressed rather than booing him – that is, until Edge gave someone in the crowd the middle finger. If in doubt, flip the bird!

Valor attempted a sunset flip but Stone countered this by dropping Valor with an impressive modified spine buster for a two count. A charge in the corner saw Stone take two boots in the face, with Valor leaping over the ropes on an Irish whip to come back in with an enziguri. A running kick had Stone wobbling like jelly and a leap from the top earned Valor a two-count of his own.

But you can go to the well too many times, and Edge Stone caught Valor on the second turnbuckle and dropped him with a big chokeslam for the 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Edge Stone

Verdict: A short match but entertaining. I’d have liked to have seen more from Edge Stone than punch/kick – when he nailed those big chokeslams and spine busters, who looked like a beast. I did enjoy Jay Valor’s speed and ability to scale the ropes, however, which he used to frustrate Stone. Worth a watch.

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