Wildkat TV Review: December 15th 2022

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Welcome to my first review for Wildkat TV, the weekly TV/YouTube show for Wildkat Sports, where a single match is aired each week from a recent show performed by the promotion. As the promotion recently worked with the NWA on the Hard Times 3 and the following Powerrr, NWA USA and Revolution Rumble tapings, it would be as good a time as any to shine a spotlight on Wildkat’s weekly programming.

This week’s big match is:

Danny Flamingo vs. P Dog

Danny Flamingo gave a great showing of himself on Powerrr tagging with Thom Latimer (and the fact that he’s dressed like a substitute Hart Foundation member gets bonus points from me) while this is my first time seeing P Dog, who looks a little to me like Grandmaster Sexay, what with his doo rag and baggy pants.

This was a good match, and it featured one of my favourite old-school tactics: picking a body part and sticking at it. P Dog caught Flamingo early on with a chop block and from there on he kept at Danny Flamingo with a figure four and by slamming Danny’s knee into the ring post.

P Dog’s overconfidence saw him miss a slingshot leg drop and a splits leg drop, allowing Flamingo to rally briefly, but it was only a momentary respite – P Dog found a way to get Danny back to the mat so he could continue working the leg with some tough-looking submission holds.

A nice-looking running cutter and a Rings of Saturn followed as P Dog seemed to forget his own strategy, but he ended up regretting it when he missed a top-rope leg drop, allowing Flamingo to hit the DRS for the win. Extra points to Danny for selling the leg afterwards.

This was a fun match, one I certainly enjoyed watching. I don’t know if the fans chanting “you are awful” at P Dog were being serious, as I thought he put in a solid effort here. Every moved landed and as mentioned before, I liked the fact that he picked a body part and worked it. Flamingo meanwhile barely got any offense in but is likeable enough that you were rooting for him to overcome the beating he was taking, and he did just that.

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