Ray Rosas shocked the MPW Faithfuls last Friday at the MPW Anniversary Spectacular. What happend?

At the Anniversary Show Ray Rosas faced “The Modern Spartan” Jordan Cruz in a First Time Ever Match Up. This match was made a week prior after both failed to qualify for the All-Star Anniversary Scramble Match. But the heat between those two started weeks prior at MPW Divinity in August.

Johnnie Robbie – Ray Rosas accompanied her to the ring – faced Jordan Cruz in a re-match and was about to lose as she was in a Submission Hold. But before she passed out Rosas threw in a towel which caused a Referee Stoppage. Despite having good intentions to save Johnnie from more damage, she was not happy with his decision to interfere and let Ray Rosas know that loud & clear. The tension between those two rose when Johnnie Robbie lost her match to El Primohenio due to outside interference by AMF. In the backstage comments she questioned where Ray Rosas was this time and he doesn’t know how far Johnnie Robbie progress as a in-ring performer.

Despite all the tensions Johnnie Robbie accompanied Ray Rosas to his Match against Jordan Cruz. It felt like a deja-vu… Jordan had Rosas in a Submission Hold and Rosas was about to give up but… He tried to power through and reach the ropes when out of nowhere Johnnie Robbie threw in the towel! Referee Chris Hernandez called for the bell while the Head Coach of MPW couldn’t believe that his own Star Student would do this to him… After Johnnie Robbie’s apology & the hug between those two this happend…

Everyone is asking why Rosas why? Why would Ray Rosas attacks his star student Johnnie Robbie after she tried to save his career? Or did he saw it as her revenge on him?

Maybe Ray Rosas felt disrespected by Johnnie Robbie words weeks prior and felt he needed to teach his student a lession… Or did something happend we don’t know? All we know is that Ray Rosas will be on MPW this Friday. Will he hear from him? Stay tuned…

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