Why Kincaid Why?

And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With old odd ends, stol’n forth of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.

— William Shakespeare


One thousand, four hundred thirty two days. Yesterday marked the night that Jason “The Gift” Kincaid entered a NWA Smoky Mountain ring as a challenger and came out as the champion. Kincaid has held the title for four years. But on Saturday October 3rd the “Quest for the Golden Quadrant” came with a great price. The fans at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, Tennessee saw Jason Kincaid sell his soul to cement his legacy and introduced the world to the Cabal.

Jason KincaidGoing into Saturday Night, Jason Kincaid had already had quite the resume. 47 Championship bouts where he hadn’t been beaten, where nobody in the NWA could wrestle away his Southeastern Championship; including Lance Erikson, Vordel Walker, reigning AIWF Champion Damien Wayne, former NWA World Jr. Champion Chase Owens, Lance Hoyt, Sabu, and TNA’s Davey Richards. Kincaid’s time as champion just couldn’t be replicated. “The Gift” doesn’t just have the longest reign as NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, but he’s the first of any local champion to take his title to Mexico for a defense. Just in his second month as NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion, Kincaid made a few appearances for Cajeme Lucha Libre in Obreg√≥n. Kincaid successfully defended his championship against Aztec while on Tour. All the while battling the likes of the Illuminati to remain on top of the mountain.

But things changed Saturday Night for the man who grew up influenced by the likes of Dory Funk Jr. and Dean Malenko. Much like tightening your grip while holding sand, Kincaid must have realized his grip on the Southeastern Championship was slipping through his hands, because in Kingsport, Kincaid had a plan. Insurance if you will. Hammonds having Kincaid where he wanted him and most assuredly would have ended the longest reigning NWA Southeastern Championship was halted when the lights were cut mysteriously. When the lights were restored the bewitching Saradox led two “hooded” Giants into the ring to assault Hammonds, tying his arms behind him. Providing the perfect opportunity for Kincaid to show his true self. The crash of the light tube was the single biggest act of betrayal seen in Smoky Mountain in a long time. The giants revealed themselves to be Travis Less and Kincaids old rival and former tag team partner, Chris Richards. The giants are now calling themselves the Cabal. They will have to answer to Hammonds on October 17th when they face him and Vince Brent in a grudge match. And Saradox will be challenging for the NWA Midwest Woman’s Championship against Kaela. Which begs the question… where will the Southeastern Heavyweight Champion be? Will Kincaid explain his motives, his actions, or will the Cabal remain as mysterious and unpredictable as it’s debut.

NWA Smoky Mountain returns to Elizabethton for their biggest wrestling event ever on Saturday, October 17 at Elizabethton High School

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