The brand new Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield is 3 episodes in and we have seen a great mix of United veterans & new faces. Some stand out and already have their eyes on Championships. Let us take a look at 4 competitors who could become Champions in United Wrestling Network soon…


Many know Karl Fredericks from NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING as part of the LA DOJO & NJPWSTRONG but a lot don’t know that he has been with UNITED WRESTLING NETWORK prior his time with New Japan. Even though he didn’t have much success in his first run as a rookie, his second run as “The New Face Of United Wrestling Network / The Alpha Wolf” could be very important not only for him but for the entire promotion.

Not only United Wrestling Network would have a well-known international talent as a Champion on their roster but a possible future NJPWStrong Openweight / IWGP World Heavyweight Champion! For The Alpha Wolf having a Championship Run in United would prepare him for a title run in NJPW.

Karl Fredericks was supposed to be in the World Title Tournament at Prime Time Live but it didn’t work out. At the first episode of the brand new Championship Wrestling he had his eyes on World Champion Chris Dickinson and already make it clear that is coming for the title!


Many fans know Invictus Khash from his appearences on AEW Dark alongside Ariya Daivari. But in United Wrestling Network Iran’s greatest export has someone on his side which could give him a advantage over the rest: Prince Nana! Prince Nana is well known for his time with Ring Of Honor and has managed a lot of competitors who became Champions in different major promotions! Khash will benefit from having Prince Nana on his side in United Wrestling Network and prepare him for bigger things…


Lord Crewe made a big impression in his time with Championship Wrestling From Atlanta by being one of the key players of that programm. Now with him being on Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield his stock will go higher – especially with a manager on his side: Halston Boddy!

Halston Boddy has been with United Wrestling Network for 3 years and has managed some Champion-caliber talents such as Heather Monroe & Viva Van – who won numerous Championships outside of United. And with Halston Boddy going into a more serious dark persona this partnership is only fitting for the Bareknuckle Berserker.


Despite his losing streak on AEW Dark Baron Black is presented like a star under the United Wrestling Network umbrella. The Empbruh was the No. 1 ranked wrestler on the Atlanta programm and a rivalry with Lord Crewe which made both competitors look like future Main Eventers. Due to his previous no. 1 ranked status Baron Black has his eyes on the United World Championship. Some say he could become the next face of the United Wrestling Network…

All 4 wrestlers have the potential to become not only a Champion but also the face of the United Wrestling Network. A run in the promotion would prepare them for bigger things and the past proved that if you compete in United you can go on to bigger things. The best example: Scorpio Sky! The current TNT Champion was the face of United Wrestling Network and held the World Television & Heritage Championship.  But who will get his hands on gold first? Current Favorite: Karl Fredericks! Fredericks defeated one of the contenders for the Heritage Championship MLW’s Danny Limelight & former Heritage Champion Jordan Clearwater at the last 2 TV Tapings. But will the Alpha Wolf be the face of the promotion? Stay tuned…

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