Who Makes Sense for the NWA in 2021

But, there is hope that the successful NWA YouTube Show, NWA POWERRR will return this Spring. Aldis says POWERRR will return this Spring and with the return of the series, the NWA would likely need to bolster its roster.

Covid-19 affected all aspects of professional wrestling in 2020. The WWE released no less than 39 active on-air talents. Many more furloughed and or laid off even more off-screen personnel. The NWA also suffering from the pandemic, canceled all events in 2020. Unfortunately, without live events, the NWA was no longer in need of a robust roster. The National Wrestling Alliance declined to renew most of the expiring contracts.

But, there is hope that the successful NWA YouTube Show, NWA POWERRR will return this Spring. Aldis says POWERRR will return this Spring and with the return of the series, the NWA would likely need to bolster its roster.

To paraphrase the Worlds Champion, the NWA is looking for Heavyweight Wrestlers. They want the wrestling in the ring to look more traditional and less choreographed. One of the attributes of POWERRR was having talent that excelled in the art of the promo. Talents scouts for the NWA have a lot of boxes to check. It would also seem that the NWA is big on giving guys second chances. If a wrestler didn’t have success in the WWE, doesn’t always mean they are incapable of success. Aldis also mentioned he’s keeping his scouting reports close to the chest. Rival promotions have often signed talent associated with the NWA.

5 Former WWE Talents Who Could Impact NWA POWERRR

  • Sunny Dhinsa and Gzim Selmani (FKA Authors of Pain)
  • Levy Valenz (FKA No Way Jose)
  • Thea Trinidad (FKA Zelina Vega)
  • Chris Hero (FKA Kassius Ohno)
  • Joe Hennig (FKACurtis Axel)

Dhinsa and Selmani are not traditional promo guys. Managed by Paul Ellering, the AOP scored the NXT Tag Team Titles. Their promotion to the main roster would include a new manager with Drake Maverick. Soon the duo would have no manager, but ally themselves with Seth Rollins. They would win the RAW Tag Team Titles. Both Dhinsa and Selmani are products of the WWE Development. The lack of promos could hurt their chances for success in the NWA. But, Aldis did mention that managers would play a bigger role when the POWERRR returned. Both men are well over six foot and weigh close to 300 pounds, so their size would certainly be viewed as an asset to the NWA.

The NWA hasn’t shied away from using some comedy in its wrestling. The NWA capitalized on the success of the Question Mark, who was a silly masked wrestler, that was able to connect with the Atlanta based crowd. Likewise, Levy Valenz was never given a real opportunity to shine. Saddled with a comedy gimmick where he danced quite a bit. Yet, he was a talented wrestler with a ton of charisma. The GPBS might be the perfect environment to reintroduce a more serious Valenz.

Thea Trinidad was outspoken about the WWE limiting business opportunities for talent outside of the ring. Some speculate that’s what ushered her release. Trinidad had more in-ring experience than was able to showcase. Trinidad cut her teeth on the indies before getting a break with Impact Wrestling. Later she held the Knockout Tag Titles with Sarah Stock (fka Sarita). Her skills as a manager and in-ring talent could benefit the NWA. The NWA will need to bolster both its Woman’s Division and add on-screen managers, this signing could do both.

Chris Hero could add instant credibility to the roster. He has held championships all over the world. He was also apart of the accomplished tag team, the Kings of Wrestling with WWE’s Cesaro. Hero could be an instant threat anywhere on the card, to any title. His vast experience in the ring could also help the NWA roster. Alysin Kay and Eddie Kingston were often credited helping backstage in match planning. Hero could do this for the NWA as well. Plus the limited schedule could allow Hero to continue to wrestling outside of the NWA if he chose.

Three Generation Wrestlers are a rarity in the sport of wrestling. Not everyone has to be the Rock. But for Joe Hennig, it feels like he never reached the level of success he deserved with the WWE. He was a product of Harley Race’s World League Wrestling before being signed by the WWE. He spent 12 years under WWE Contract, but never as much sniffed the main event. Being the grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig and the son of “Mr. Perfect,” maybe the expectations were too high? But Hennig is better than what he was. While on the WWE Roster he held the RAW Tag Team Titles as well as winning the IC Championship. Hennig might not have the eloquence of Aldis, but he rivals his background in the sport. Although the late Harley Race endorsed Aldis as Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Hennig was a product of Harley Race. The battles these two could have over the Ten Pounds of Gold would be the prefect way to relaunch NWA POWERRR.

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