Who is this new challenger for the NWA Heritage Championship?

Heritage Champion SAWADAThe NWA Heritage Title has been a special championship since its inception in October of 2006.  The inaugural champion was none other than reigning NWA World Champion Adam Pearce.  Other men who were fortunate to hold this championship were Sean Waltman, TJ Perkins, Ryan Taylor, and most recently Oliver John.  John won the championship by defeating Taylor, Chris Hero, and Steve Anthony. in a four-way match at the Cauliflower Alley Club.
Since winning the title, Oliver John has been one of the most transparent wrestlers in the Alliance.  Making defenses on the Showcase and Pro Wrestling Revolution shows.  And even bringing his championship titles to Mexico although the Heritage Title hasn’t been defended in Mexico.
Enter Atsushi Sawada.  Sawada won the Rookie of the Year Award in Japan only two years ago.  Sawada has appeared Sawada was introduced to the NWA Pro Wrestling fans during the Showcase tour during the last weekend of June.  And with a little investigating I found out that familiar face was responsible for the large man wrestling in the martial arts gear.  Simon Inoki, former New Japan President and currently responsible for booking talent in Inoki Genome Federation.  Sawada has appeared on nearly every IGF Event ever since the first 4 events.  And he would debut in SoCal Pro Wrestling in Oceanside, teaming with Mach-1 Heavyweight Champion Willie Mack defeating Anchors Away.  Sawada forced a submission with a cross-arm breaker.  The Showcase live from Yuma Arizona saw Sawada defeat “King of Strikes” Branon Parker.  And wrapped up the weekend by defeating Orion.  But who is Atsushi Sawada?  I was told he had been on a learning excursion for quite some time.  Aside from his training in Japan, he also has had worked with Ring Of Honor’s School with Delirious.  And last Friday, at Mach-1’s Friday Fight Night, Sawada would continue his winning ways against Todd Chandler.
You may look at Atsushi Sawada and his calm demeanor in that picture my show a more peaceful man.  But in no way is that picture a representation of the beast that is Sawada.  And with all of the challengers Oliver John has turned away, this challenger might be more than John can handle.  This match will take place on Saturday, July 31st for Pro Wrestling Revolution’s show in Watsonville.

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