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Who is Parrow?

After a 3 year absence from the NWA, Parrow returned to the NWA Tuesday Night on POWERRR. Who is Parrow? Standing six feet four inches and weighs 300 pounds. The behemoth dispatched Jordan Clearwater on Tuesday Night’s NWA POWERRR. This would mark Parrow’s first NWA match in almost three years.

Where Did this man come from?

Parrow’s journey in professional wrestling began training at the Team 3D Wrestling Academy. Taking instruction from the Dudleys 3D Academy, the New York native moved to Florida. By 2012 the man was wrestling on the Florida Independent scene. Parrow would begin to work on many different promotions in Florida including; CCW, WXW, and the USWA. Next, he would become ACW Heavyweight Champion at ACW Yuletide Beatings. But things changed when he got an opportunity from FIP. By 2017 he would be sharing the rings with future WWE signees Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. FIP would partner him with Odinson and the duo would cause havoc in the WWN Tag Team Division. The pair would also compete in All Japan Pro Wrestling, up until the Global Pandemic prevented them from traveling to Japan.

At age 34, Parrow spoke about his sexual orientation. Out Sport shared his story of coming out to his family. He would become an advocate for the LBGTQ+ Community. Parrow would prove that people should let go of their stereotypical views on gay professional wrestlers. He would marry his husband last year.

Parrow in the NWA

Parrow would compete for the qualifying elimination NWA National title Match at the 70th Anniversary. He would match up with Ricky Starks, Jay Bradley, and Willie Mack. His time in the match was short-lived. He would be the first eliminated, by Starks, but, Mack would win the match and the National Title. Now with a new sense of urgency, he rejoins the NWA even bigger and more dangerous than before. His Vaderesque demolition of Jordan Clearwater is perhaps a glimpse into the sheer brute force and chaos this man will bring into the NWA.

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