Who is NWA Korea?

Who is NWA Korea?

NWA Korea is the Korean wrestling promotion known as World Wrestling Association an off shoot of the World Wrestling Alliance from Los Angeles, CA. USA. Based on the teachings of KIM II, former World Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion. Kintaro Ohki who wrestled as KIM II was trained by fellow countryman, Japanese Wrestling Legend Rikidozan, who is also the same wrestler to train Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba. KIM II ended his wrestling career in the early 1980s. After his retirement, KIM II began to train current WWA World Champion Lee Wang-Pyo and was considered to be his top student. Known as the “Super Dragon” Wang-Pyo defeated former WWE wrestler Kurgan to become the WWA Heavyweight Champion. KIM II died in 2006, but until his death attended most of the WWA cards.

The Florida Connection…

Rick Love, who competed in Korea and in Japan became a student of KIM II. While spending this time in Korea, Rick Love continued to perfect his craft in both pro-wrestling and martial arts. During this time, Love gained many friends and contacts in Korea. In 2005, Rick Love who was promoting wrestling in Florida met up with another wrestling promoter Clyde Benefield about starting up a wrestling promotion together. Benefield was the senior official of NWA Championship Wrestling From Florida, which was the wrestling promotion of Kevin Rhodes. Together.

This led to the creation of NWA Global Pro Wrestling. Which is the official home of the NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida, NWA South Korea, and all of their affiliates.

NWA Korean Stars:

WWA Heavyweight Champion, “Super Dragon” Lee Wang Pyo, “Korean Iron Man” Noh Gi Shim, An Jae Hong, Nam Tae Rung, Hong Sang Jin, Kang Hyung Koan and Han Dae Ho.

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