When Worlds Collide!

Not since Lou Thez unifying the Worlds championships into one title has a match held this much significance for the National Wrestling Alliance. Adam Pearce claimed his right to the title by defeating Brent Albright in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, in the tournament’s finals. Since gaining this honor, Pearce’s has had over 20 matches where his record is 14 wins, 4 losses, and 3 no decisions. These matches have taken place all over the United States, North Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, California, Virgina, Oklahoma, and most recently in Tennessee. The last time the NWA’s Ten Pounds of Gold was put in a contest where winner takes all, TNA’s Jeff Jarret defeated World Wrestling All-Star’s Sting. Could this be the next step into the evolution of the National Wrestling Alliance?

Pearce doesn’t have a walk in the park when it comes to the Ring of Honor World Champion. Nigel McGunniess isn’t a slouch by any stretch. McGunniess has beaten some of the top wrestlers in the World through, Ring of Honor, NOAH, and in various European wrestling promotions. Nigel even beat the ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. The man whom some believe is the rightful NWA champion, considering Pearce was defeated by Danielson in the tournament, but due to injury couldn’t compete and his spot was forfeited to Pearce. McGuinniess has defeated all the top names of Ring of Honor, except one… Adam Pearce.
All the action takes place June 27th, Dayton Ohio. Winner takes all!

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