What IS happening in the NWA

Not much is known about why NWA Chicago Lucha has ceased to be a NWA Member. But we do know that effective immediately that there is no longer NWA representation in Chicago. And the person who suffers the most is The Sheik, who was slated to receive a World Title match as reported right here. The original co-op was brokered through NWA-OK president, Mr. Farat, but those plans seem to have been scrapped. NWA Oklahoma had promised to share talent with the Chicago group. Its also unfortunate, because they had already scheduled to showcase the NWA Worlds Title, with Blue Demon Jr. and the Sheik. Previously NWA Oklahoma had attempted to work at an agreement with NWA Arizona’s Impact Zone Wrestling. Due to management changes in IZW, no joint effort has taken place yet.

Another NWA membership has ended too, The NWA Affiliate in Colorado, Fusion Pro Wrestling has decided to close shop. Along with the FPW promotion, the wrestling school, APWA, have stopped all business. Fusion Pro Wrestlers; had appeared on the NWA Showcase earlier this year. And members of Fusion Pro were also seen in NWA Utah’s UCW-Zero. The last man standing was Stondifirious, who will go in the record books as the last NWA Champion in Colorado.

For those who miss NWA Showcase or NWA Unleashed, might I suggest checking out On-Line NWA Action section of the Alliance Blog. Joining NWA Anarchy, NWA On-Fire, NWA Main Event, and IZW’s Impulse, three on-line wrestling shows have been introduced to the NWA Family. NWA Fusion (of Virgina) started airing new episodes of its NWA Meltdown. Also added to the NWA Family of On-line wrestling shows is NWA Force One’s (New Jersey Affiliate) Character Honor and Respect and NWA New Jersey’s Slamcast.

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