Weekly NWA Re-Cap?

If you happened to listen to Episode 2 of the Alliance-Wrestling Radio show, you heard the conversation between David Marquez and myself. Although a lot of the NWA Faithful are pinning for new episodes of the NWA Pro Wrestling Showcase, we might get the next best thing. Marquez announced on air that the NWA Pro Wrestling will be doing weekly updates again. Prior to the first incarnation of the NWA Showcase on Mav-TV, NWA Pro Wrestling produced weekly update videos from the Inoki Dojo. The show is set to begin in Mid-November and will recap NWA Live Events.

No word on the specific format, but I would venture a guess that they are looking to recap live events throughout the NWA. My understanding is that it will be open to all the members to participate. I’ve also heard that some of the segments will be taped at the Mach One Wrestling events in Anaheim, California. More as this develops.

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