We had a Good Run… Thank you Fans of the National Wrestling Alliance and United Wrestling Network


When I started this website nearly a decade ago, I never dreamed it would still be in existence today. Initially this website was created to help fans, who much like me, couldn’t get enough information about the NWA. This coincided with the infamous stripping TNA of the NWA World Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships. I felt this site alone could cover the NWA and the tournament better than any national wrestling outlet, perhaps even better than the NWA itself. I am proud of the work the Alliance did in spreading the word of what the NWA was and what the NWA is. Coverage of the NWA ownership was always done in a fair, respectful manner. I want to take a moment to thank Bob Trobich, David Marquez, Fred Rubenstein, Adam Pearce, Tony Givens, Tony Brooklyn, Kevin Fraizer, Damien Wayne, Chance Prophet, Tokyo Monster Kahagas, Scorpio Sky, Joseph Franciosi, Joseph Cabibbo, Joseph Duncan, Ed Chuman, Dan Severn, Colt Cabana, The Stro, Cucumber and Company, Phil Varlese, and everyone else who helped to legitimize a wrestling news site based in Southern California that covered the entirety of the National Wrestling Alliance and trusted a life long fan to help promote the National Wrestling Alliance.

Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever been a part of this website. My beautiful wife Michelle Caley, who was the first and only official Alliance Photographer, Deven Mercer, Jaden, Mike Oropeza, Brian Kelley, Jason Mitchell, Josuha Gilbert, Eric Roelfsema, Scott Brown, Scott Gregg, Tez, and lastly Adair Cole who diligently helped me turn this from a blogger site to a legitimate website. Its been an incredible run. And the relationships I’ve made over the past nine years have been some of the most valuable relationships I’ve ever made. But alas… time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Today, I would like to official announce that www.Alliance-Wrestling.com will be joining a new family. DKM will be taking over the day to day duties of running the website and message board until the new owners decide which direction they want to take the Alliance website. I have been asked to step down as my role as a contributor.

This is my final post for the Alliance. You were my often neglected baby, but I had a joy making you into what you are now. And I only have fond memories of this website.

Yours Truly,

Jason Caley

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