Victory for Wayne against former NWA World Champion Pearce burns up the "Mr. Mid-Atlantic".

“Adam Pearce and I have unfinished business,” were the words that echoed from the video message Damien Wayne released on youtube.  What would you expect from “Mr. Mid-Atlantic” Damien Wayne and “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce?  Two men, well respected through out the National Wrestling Alliance step into the ring to settle a score.  Wayne vs. Pearce 3 wasn’t for a Championship, but it was for pride.  It all went down for  Pro Wrestling Mid-Atlantic.  The first time these two faced off, the then NWA Worlds Championship was disqualified and the second match lasted sixty minutes to a draw. 
As always Adam Pearce didn’t enter Virgina alone and brought along an ally in the likes of James J. Dillon.  The legendary manager of the Horsemen, lead Adam to the ring in hopes of securing a much needed win for his associate Adam Pearce.  It almost started to appear as though history would repeat itself in the Virgina.  The hard hitting match between two of the NWA’s finest was tearing down the house, Pearce broke rank.  And decided he was going to get himself out of this match when he knocked out the referee.  It would seem that Wayne wouldn’t get his satisfaction on this night.  That is until former NWA Worlds Champion, “the Rugged” Ronnie Garvin hit Pearce with one of his vintage shots to Pearce, that left the former champion out for the count.  Wayne went for the icing on the cake, when he connected with his devastating elbow drop off the top rope.  The NWA Continental Champion would get the pin fall and receive his long awaited vindication.  That is until NWA National Champion Chance Prophet made his way to ringside.
Ever since Chance Prophet defeated TNA’s Gunner for the NWA National Championship a bulls eye has been placed on the back of Prophet.  And this was apparent immediately following his victory in New Jersey as Damien Wayne viciously attacked him, after what appeared to be a celebratory hug.  A piledriver left Prophet in a heap of mangle flesh after what would have been one of his biggest victories to date.  Flash forward to what would have been Damien Wayne’s biggest celebration to date only for Prophet to fight fire with fire, literally.  It would appear that Pearce along with Prophet were in cahoots with the dual fireball. When asked about his alliance with the National Champion Chance Prophet and speculation about his wrestling future, Pearce refused comment.  

Damien Wayne did have something to say about Chance Prophet.  After receiving medical attention for the burns Wayne said “I was expecting you to extract your revenge some way some how with us being in the same building, but now I see how this game is gonna be played and quite frankly I like it.  You see Chance short and sweet… I can play fire with fire!”  Prophet responded with “Sometimes fists alone aren’t enough to correct the amount of disrespect shown to a man. Damien threw respect out the window when he tainted MY DAY in New Jersey! Adam came to me, as a former 3 time world champion, and told me that it ‘burnt him up’ to see the way Wayne disrespected me! He said the only way to fight fire is with fire….I don’t think he meant it as literal as I took it….but then again, I like to make my messages clear and to the point! Hahahaha”   

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