UWN Newsflash 07/08/2023 The Pope vs Danny Limelight twitter exchange – World Title Match in the future? | Dr. Tom Prichard & Lance Archer are coming to Memphis Wrestling TV Taping on 07/16

In the middle of the week “The Pope” Elijah Burke tweeted out that he is thinking about and who he should face at his last match. United Wrestling Network World Champion Danny Limelight answered that question with a match between those two which caused a twitter exchange between those two. Could this lead to a future United Wrestling World Title Match between the two?

Memphis Wrestling announced that Lance Archer is coming to back Memphis for the July 16, 2023 TV Taping! Last time “The Murderhawk Monster” was in Memphis he challenged “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels for Memphis Heritage Title but didn’t win it because Mike Anthony cashed in his Cobra Cup Trophy to win the title.

Dr. Tom Prichard will also be at the Memphis Wrestling TV Taping on July 16, 2023 for the VIP Experience!

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