Updates to big Showcase events in OK and TX.

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to Oklahoma and Texas with two huge events on October 3rd and 4th including the return of the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair to the NWA! Here is the official preview of the action…

Friday October 3, 2008
Spirit Bank Event Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
7:30PM Bell Time

NWA World Tag Team Title Match

Champions: Los Luchas ( Phoenix Star y Zokre) vs. Challengers: The Skullkrushers (Walker and Brown)

Since winning the titles earlier this year, Los Luchas have faced several teams that were similar to them in size including The Naturals, The Cutler Brothers, Scorpio Sky & JT Blackstar, Willie Mack & Jerome “LTP” Robinson and more. But none of those teams compare in size to the combined 625 pound Monsters from the Midwest , the Skullkrushers! In their one and only meeting last month in San Antonio , the Skullkrushers manhandled the young luchador champions until the match broke down into a brawl that resulted in a wild no contest. Now that each team knows what to expect, will Los Luchas be able to counter their much larger opponents or will new champions be crowned in the form of the seemingly unstoppable Walker and Brown?

NWA North American Title Match
Champion: Mike DiBiase vs. Challenger: “The Shooter” Brent Albright

The sad news in Tulsa is that their native son, Brent Albright, comes home empty handed. After losing the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title back to Adam Pearce at Ring of Honor’s Glory by Honor VII event in Philadelphia , all plans to welcome home the Champion have been put on hold. Pearce stated that he wouldn’t show up in Tulsa to defend against Albright because of his overwhelming hometown advantage, but Albright has other plans anyway. He fully intends a hometown celebration after he vowed to take the prestigious North American Title from Mike DiBiase. Third generation star DiBiase has other plans as well. DiBiase has added to his reign as North American Champion by recently collecting the NWA Texas Title. Adding a victory over the former World’s Champion would serve to elevate Mike DiBiase even higher toward a possible World Title match.

Special Attraction
Sean “X-Pac” Waltman vs. “Ironman” Rob Conway

Two of the biggest names and best wrestlers anywhere in the NWA will meet head to head in Tulsa . These two met on opposite sides of a tag team war earlier this year at the NWA 60th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta . Conway came out on the losing end in that encounter and vows to get the better of Waltman this time around. No partners or back-up for either man. See who stands tall in the end, will it be done the “Con-way” or will Rob have to “suck it”?

NWA Oklahoma Title Match
Challenger #1: Slam Shady vs. Challenger #2: Spoiler 2000

When Brent Albright claimed the NWA World’s Championship he returned the NWA Oklahoma State Championship to the NWA Oklahoma offices. Because of the title’s importance, Albright felt he could not do it proper justice while honoring the schedule of the World’s Champion. This led to a flood of phone calls and emails from potential contenders for the championship. The top two contenders have been named and on October 3rd a new Champion will be crowned. Slam Shady and Spoiler 2000 are no strangers to Oklahoma Championships and certainly no stranger to each other. Both men are deserving, but only one can be Champion.

Plus King V and Blue Demon in action!

King V has been called many things in his wrestling career – Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V, but “Late for dinner” has never been one of them! The 6’10”, 500 pound big man makes his NWA debut in Tulsa and the opposition is in as much trouble as the catering! Also, the legendary Blue Demon will be in action! Demon has had no qualms stating his desire to get a shot at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title and a victory in Tulsa could put him even closer to a match with the Champion!

All this plus Tulsa’s own Blake Albright, “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry, XCal, Kenny Campbell, and more on October 3rd!!!


Saturday October 4, 2008
R.M. Borchard Fairgrounds Arena
Robstown, Texas
7:30 Bell Time



The R.M. Borchard Fairgrounds in Robstown , Texas presents a very special opportunity for wrestling fans of all ages to meet a legend who transcends the generations. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be on hand for a special autograph and memorabilia event. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The event will begin precisely at 3:30 and tickets are limited. Call (361) 387-9002 for more information! Come and celebrate with the legendary Ric Flair, who will inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame at the NWA Showcase Event that evening!

NWA World Title Match:
Champion: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (w/C. Edward Vander Pyle) vs. Challenger: “The Shooter” Brent Albright

The biggest feud in recent NWA history continues as Pearce and Albright return to the ring one more time in their string of battles going back over a year! Pearce lived up to his promise to regain the championship, ending Albright’s reign at 7 weeks. Albright has vowed that Pearce’s second run as NWA standard-bearer will not even last half that long. One thing that is certain is that you never know what to expect when these men get in the ring. From fireballs to bloodbaths, this feud has seen it all. Rumor has it that the NWA Board of Directors is thinking of adding a stipulation to this match to attempt to end this dispute once and for all. And will special guest Ric Flair have something to say about the championship that is synonymous with his name? We’ll find out in Texas !

NWA World Tag Team Titles on the line!
Los Luchas ( Phoenix Star y Zokre) or The Skullkrushers (Rasche Brown & Keith Walker) will defend! No matter what happens in Tulsa on October 3rd, both of these teams will be in action on October 4th. The question is, who will be the World Tag Team Champions coming in and who will be the Champs when the day is through? NWA officials will announce the match-ups on the day of the show pending the previous night’s outcome. No matter who fights who, you will see the World Tag Team Titles defended and you will see two of the top teams anywhere in the NWA!

NWA Texas Title Match
Champion: Mike DiBiase vs. Challenger: Kevin Northcutt

Dual Champion Mike DiBiase puts his NWA Texas Championship on the line one night after defending his NWA North American Title against Brent Albright. His opponent is a man very familiar with the NWA Texas Championship and many other titles throughout the NWA, Kevin Northcutt. Will DiBiase’s split in focus over the two day title affair cost him or can the rising star overcome the veteran Northcutt?

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman vs. Rory Fox

One of these men is an international wrestling legend. One of these men feels that he should be. No one can deny the raw ability of Rory Fox, but he has yet to make the huge splash on the wrestling scene that many think he one day will. What better way to kickstart a career than with a victory over Waltman, the crafty veteran with educated feet. Waltman, however, is no one’s stepping stone and plans to use this match to return to title contention.

Don Juan vs. Chris Marval

For years these two men have been known throughout the Southwest as one of the best tag teams around, “The Texas Treats.” Now they will be put to the test against one another and the Treats of Texas will tangle to top the other. These two men bring their battle to the Borchard Fairgrounds Arena and we’ll see which treat is sweetest!

Plus King V and “Ironman” Rob Conway in action!

Once again the legendary mammoth, King V, will test the structural integrity of the NWA’s ring and prayers are requested in advance for anyone silly enough to get in his way. Also in action will be a man who claims he puts the Show in Showcase, “Ironman” Rob Conway!

There you have it! A full weekend of celebration as part of the NWA’s 60th Anniversary! The return of Ric Flair, the debut of King V and several titles on the line!

Join us for all the action! October 3rd in Tulsa , October 4th in Texas ! Don’t miss it!!!

credit to Carmine D. and PWBTS

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