Updates on Seven Level of Hate: Cabana vs. Pearce for the Worlds Championship

The Seven Levels of Hate started on of all days, Mother’s Day.  There would be no motherly love in this match up.  On day of matches taped for NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, the highlight would be caped off with two men whom are hell bent on destroying each other.  If you were to assume that the month lay off between their last encounter would cool the animosity between these two, you would be sorely mistaken.  The crowd not unlike a Roman Coliseum would chant for blood with dueling chants of “Cabana’s gonna kill you!” mixed with “Bleed Cabana Bleed!”  A pair of brass knuckles, a cell phone, the ring bell, and even a bucket full of carnations were used in an effort to force crimson from the forehead of either man.  In the end, Cabana would be victorious be repeatedly slamming the face of Adam Pearce into the wrestling turnbuckle.  Cabana’s momentum from last week carried him into this sadistic match up and it is clear, neither man will be the same when all is said and done, one man could be done wrestling forever.

Level 2 takes place at NECW in Bridgewater, MA.


Level 3 takes place at SDW in Hopkins, MN.

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