Updated Card for NWA Midwest & RWF Trick or Beat

Credit: Lords of Pain and Sean David Hubbard

3 NWA Title Matches at RWF in Ashton, Illinois on Friday 10/23/09

Wrestling fans will be pleased indeed at the impressive title battles which are lined up for the RWF’S second Pro Wrestling event in Ashton October 23rd entitled “Trick or Beat.”

While the first offering for the new company proved to be a pleasant surprise in September the bar is being raised even more by the being sanctioned and under the supervision of the National Wrestling Alliance. This show will feature not 1, not 2, but 3 NWA Title matches. The October 23rd crowd will be treated to both Nationally & World known personalities such as the “King of Old School” Steve Corino defending the NWA Heartland States Title against the popular new comer from British Columbia , Kyle O’Reilly. The region-wide NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title will also be on the line as Silas Young defends against The Sheik W/ Joey Eastman in what promises to be an epic battle and the continuation of a grudge feud. The ladies will battle it out for the prestigious NWA World Woman’s Title when Mschif defends against a previous NWA Title holder Nicole Matthews.

If that weren’t impressive enough for the fledgling RWF,

Upcoming plans include bringing the NWA World Tag Team Titles to Ashton’s Mills & Petrie Memorial Building on November 14th. Promoter Sean Hubbard’s avowed goal of bringing the best in professional wrestling today to our local community appears to be well on its way.

These title matches and other crowd pleasers will begin at the RWF’S Trick or Beat show starting at 8 pm on Friday October 23rd in Ashton’s Mills & Petrie Memorial Building . Kids & Adults alike are invited to get into the sprit of the Wrestler Look Alike Contest and come dressed as their favorite wrestler
for a great night of action.

Match Lineup:

Mr. Wrestling III Vs. Marco Cordova

The Mississippi Madman Vs. Tony Kozina

Matt Cage Vs. The Little Hooligan

Death Walking Terror Vs. The Hooligans

NWA Heartland States Title Match:
The King of Old School Steve Corino Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

NWA World Womans Title Match:
MsChif Vs. Nicole Matthews

NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title Match:
Silas Young Vs. The Sheik W/ Joey Eastman

For more info check out www.rwfpro.com

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