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United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield | Episode 601 February 19, 2023 | Irvine Improv

Jonny Loquasto kicked off the show and tried to get a word with Invictus Khash but Jordan Clearwater came out instead. Jordan had some words for Khash & the crowd. Invictus Khash came out and we got a big brawl between the former Embassy members with Khash being on top.

Halston Boddy tries to motivate Lord Crewe & El Primohenio about their Loser Leaves Tag Team Match. Jonny Loquasto banned Halston & Howdy from the Tag Match.

1. Match
Final Destination (R3 Cassus, Evan Daniels & Bryce Saturn) defeated Peter Avalon, Heritage Champion Kevin Martenson & Tyler Bateman after Bateman betrayed his team
• R3 finally got his revenge on Peter Avalon

Interview segment with The Bodega. Danny Limelight cut a promo on his upcoming contenders. Slice asked Papo if he can beat Jordan. Papo wants to do it all by his own.

2. Match
Jordan Clearwater defeated Papo Esco
• Slice Boogie came out to help Papo Esco after the match

Levi Shapiro & Rob McKnight talked with Big Hoss. Jonny Loquasto interrupted them and wished them luck.

Main Event
United Wrestling Network World Television Championship
Jack Banning w/ Divine & Honest defeated Jordan Cruz (c)
• Ju Dizz was on commentary for this Match
• Jack Banning played mind games with Ju Dizz & Jordan Cruz
• Jordan Cruz shoved Ju Dizz away outside the ring when he tried to help his friend up

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