United Wrestling Network to return to live production*

David Marquez’s United Wrestling Network is slated to get back to production in the next 30 days. Since then the United Wrestling Network has become ambitious in its offerings on via youtube. Check out their website https://www.unitedwrestlingtv.com/

The United Wrestling Network plans to jump back into production in the next 30 days according to David Marquez during a live chat with the “The Legacy of Harley Race” Inside the NWA — Episode 04.

Much like most of the independent wrestling promotions in the United States, the United Wrestling Network’s operations came to halt as the result of the global pandemic Covid-19 and was unable to produce live events with regards to the shelter and stay orders in both California and Arizona.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s pause would also impact 4 other markets, currently CWFH has market specific edits for Memphis, San Francisco, Houston and Amarillo. Memphis’ CW 30 program which was scheduled to feature a match between Ray Rosas and their host/wrestler Dustin Starr at a Memphis based live event, had to be postponed. This program may even lead to more live events in Memphis and create an entirely new program.

David Marquez added that there going back to production would be subject to Ventura County and Port Hueneme approval. Although Championship Wrestling from Arizona is a separate program, a return to form for CWFH would probably coincide with a restart for CWFAZ.

Currently the CWFH national feed along with his ‘Market Specific’ hosted shows are currently in re-runs, along with CWFAZ. However, the United Wrestling Network has started to offer it’s own additional content via it’s YouTube Channel. Micro-content like the Marquez Mentality along with spotlight pieces on talent (thus far there have been mini-docs on Danny Limelight and Ray Rosas) as well as a podcast hosted by Head Referee Nick Bonanno and CW30 Host Dustin Starr called The Push, and Heritage Hall, which seems to be a showcase of previous Heritage Champions, including the retired Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Champions.

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