United Wrestling Network Golden Opportunity 2022 | Preview

United Wrestling Network announced that on August 9, 2022 they will present a brand-new signature event: Golden Opportunity! The Live Event is named after the tournament which will happen at the TV Taping.

BOOM BOOM CABANA IS BACK! Colt Cabana will return to United Wrestling Network for the first time since 2018 when he challenged for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in China. And what a way to return to United Wrestling Network by challenging for the World Title! But a lot has changed since Cabana was in United…

Jordan Clearwater – who cashed in his Red Carpet Rumble 2021 win to become Champion – is the 2nd United Wrestling World Champion and two impressive title defenses over big names such as “The Masterpiece” Chris Adonis and AEW’s Frankie Kazarian. A win over a United Wrestling Network legend would put a huge stamp on the Golden Boy’s title reign. Especially knowing that Colt Cabana is on the side plate of the World Title, maybe that will give the Golden Boy extra motivation to change that side plate with him being on it.

It will not be easy for Colt Cabana against Jordan Clearwater – especially with The Embassy being in Clearwater’s corner. Something that the previous contenders Chris Adonis & Frankie Kazarian had to deal with when they failed to win the World Title from Jordan Clearwater.

On Episode 572 Jordan Cruz was able to pin World Television Champion Papo Esco in a Tag Team Match – thanks to the help of his rival United Wrestling Heritage Champion Zicky Dice! With that pinfall victory over King Fat Boy The Modern Spartan will now challenge for the United Wrestling World Television Championship at Golden Opportunity!

With no chance at the United Wrestling Heritage Championship – as long as Zicky Dice is the Champion- it is the next logical step for Jordan Cruz to get the next title in line. But it’ll not be easy against King Fat Boy. Papo Esco is very proud to held the title and his goal is to become the greatest United Wrestling World TV Champion of all time. For both this is a marquee match for their United career.

On Episode 573 Zicky Dice defeated EJ Sparks via DQ – but only because Dice shoved the referee into Sparks who knocked him down with the Roundhouse Rhytmus by accident. Sparks would have earned himself a Championship Match vs. The Outlandish Champion but due to circumstances the Commitee agreed to give the former 3x Arizona States Champion a Championship Match!

But it will not be easy to get the title off Zicky Dice… He proved from time to time that he can trick his opponents to retain his Championship like when he won the title of Jordan Cruz. Will EJ Sparks overcome those tricks at Golden Opportunity?

Beef Candy won & defended the Championships over The Midnight Heat with a lot of controversy. When Beef Candy won the Tag Team Championships in the impromtu 3 Way Tag Team Match The Wolf Zaddies took care of Guy Tweakacetti while Beef Candy pinned the illegal man to win the titles. At the rematch – without Tweakacetti ringside – Beef Candy retain over Midnight Heat once again with controversy. Will this be the case at Golden Opportunity?

For Midnight Heat it’s important to win back – knowing that at Prime Time Live, August 21 2022 they’ll face their DEFY Wrestling rivals The Bollywood Boyz! To prove once and for all that they are the best Tag Team of the West they need to win the Tag Titles of Beef Candy and beat Bollywood Boyz on PPV!

It’s the battle of the unbeaten! Johnnie Robbie vs. Reka Tehaka! Reka Tehaka made a statement on Championship Wrestling From Atlanta when she won the rivalry vs. Heather Monroe last year. But that was last year! With the all new Championship Wrestling she wants to prove that United Wrestling Network is hers. And she will let the locker room know that – especially “The Problema” Marina Shafir who she had problems with in the past.

Johnnie Robbie is considered one of the upcoming talents in Southern California – and soon on the West Coast. She just recently made her TV Taping debut for WOW Superheroes. A victory over fellow WOW Superheroes wrestler Reka Tehaka would be statement. Not only to show that she can be THE WOMAN of United Wrestling Network but also a future United Wrestling Women’s Champion…

* As of this writing there is no United Wrestling Women’s Champion… YET! Stay tuned… *

The Golden Opportunity is a brand new tournament where the winner earns a  United Wrestling Network World Championship Match at the Red Carpet Rumble. 9 Competitors will compete in 3 Triple Threat Matches were the winners advance to the final Triple Threat Match.

• “Hysterical” Shane Haste
• Willie Mack
• Danny Limelight
• Levi Shapiro
• Jack Banning
• Chris Bey
• Tyler Bateman
• Taylor Rust
• Lord Crewe

Tickets for United Wrestling Network’s Golden Opportuntity is available!

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