United We Stand: Thoughts on Cavalcade of Champions, Sept. 16th

Hours from of of the biggest events in the history of Championship Wrestling from Arizona.  The updated card for Cavalcade of Champions is set and it every bit represents synergy UWNwithin the United Wrestling Network. Champions from across the brand will be heading to Arizona to showcase these titles.  Head of the United Wrestling Network, David Marquez described the show a “game changer.”  Marquez and former CWFH Heritage Champion Peter Avalon even did press for the show on Arizona Daily Mix on AZTV.  The show is certainly trying to live up to the hype with champions from multiple United Wrestling Network partners.  The United Wrestling Network currently sits at 14 wrestling promotions across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  The show is being billed as 9 promotions, 8 championships, All United.

This first anniversary of CWFAZ is nothing short of excitement.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen inter-brand matches between the United Wrestling Network.  CWFH has hosted CZW Champions on their shows and likewise CZW has hosted a few CWFH Champions.  Arizona has hosted several Hollywood Champions.  However, this by far and away is the greatest sign of the brands working together to produce a bigger atmosphere and again, a showcase of the champions that represent the United Wrestling Network.  I’m reminded of the NWA 57th Anniversary show that helped to launch the careers of Karl “The Machine Gun” Anderson and Finn Balor.  Will the next big wrestling star be discovered Saturday Night?  Also, the United Wrestling Network has promised a United World Heavyweight Champion.  Events like this really create the feeling that the World Champion really could come out of any of the 14 promotions.

With a wealth of talent, Saturday Night will absolutely be a historic night for the United Wrestling Network and CWFAZ.



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