Brian Cage

United We Stand will be a look at the ins and outs of the United Wrestling Network and its affiliated promotions. Currently the UWN is represented by NFWA (Alaska), CWFH (California), FSW (Nevada), UCW-Zero (Utah), Metro Pro (Kansas), Steel Domain (Minnesota), CWE (Maintoba), NYWC (New York), NECW (Massachusetts), and Vintage (Florida).  Wrestler from CWFH returns to Mix Martial Arts, FSW recruits a fighter to FSW, CWFH on Television in Alaska, and 2015 is the year of the “Machine” Brian Cage.
Scorpio Sky returns to the U of MMA
One minute and 57 seconds into Scorpio Sky’s Professional Mixed Martial Arts debut resulted in a TKO for Jose Jovel. Jovel was the man who possessed the quickest knockout in U of MMA History, having knocked out a man in five seconds. The striking power of one Jose Jovel never stood a chance against the effortless take down of Scorpio Sky. That knock out punch remained holstered as Scorpio Sky worked from side mount to top mount awaiting his opportunity. Allowing he to give up the top mount to Jovel was just a ploy to synch in an armbar that led to the end of the fight. Scorpio Sky told me in an interview last year that, “I’m always looking to put on a show. It might not be the same kind of show you’ll see in a pro wrestling ring, but I’m always looking to entertain the fans, especially when people are going to pay and come see me. I’m always looking to entertain; I’m an entertainer at heart. That’s just who I am.” And once Scorpio’s arm was raised in victory he did the only thing a naturally gifted worked in this business does, cut a heel promo on the fans. The five foot ten, welterweight who represents the Guild, will compete in his second MMA fight on U of MMA Fight Night 9 at Club Nokia on Sunday March 8th. You can purchase tickets via PayPal at

Is a former UFC Fighter heading to Future Stars of Wrestling?
You may remember Phil “The New York Bad Ass” Baroni from UFC’s earlier days.  In early 2001, Baroni launched his MMA career with UFC with a life time record of  3-7.  The Middleweight also competed for Strikeforce, Pride, and even as recent as last summer while working for Bellator.  Matt Bone of says that “Baroni is currently working under Michael Modest, former WWE Superstar D’Lo Brown and TNA Wrestling star Kenny King at the Future Stars of Wrestling gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, with plans of transitioning into the world of pro wrestling.”  At 38, Baroni might not have opportunities with the WWE, but it would that many doors will be opening up for the “New York Bad Ass.”  Could he have his eye set on Matt Hardy’s FSW Heavyweight Championship?  Or perhaps, Baroni could be setting his goals for the United Heavyweight Championship, only time will tell.

Championship Wrestling from Alaska?
Starting January 31st at 1am, wrestling fans in Alaska were witness to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, debuting on KYES-TV5, which is available through out the state of Alaska.  CWFH is working as a place holder until Championship Wrestling from Alaska is ready to take its place.  CWFA is a partnership between New Frontier Wrestling Alliance Co Owner Joseph Brookman, and the United Wrestling Network.   Brookman have been working with United Wrestling Network President David Marquez to secure television in Anchorage since 2014.

Brian Cage

The Machine Is Taking Over

If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you know Brian Cage. Mr. GMSI’s stock has never been higher. Outside of being a former Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Champion with Shaun Ricker, he has casually appeared on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood through out the years. But he’s also recently captured the IWF Heavyweight Championship in Arizona, challenged for the Lucha Underground Championship, he’s even scheduled to face off against Alberto Del Rio in AAA in Mexico to challenge for his World Heavyweight Championship. In fact coming up this Friday, Brian Cage makes his return to Mexico to take part in a six man tag teaming with Hijo Del Fantasma and Pentagón Jr to take on Del Rio, Fénix, Myzteziz. The Cubsfan notes that Cage worked in Mexico last for the Todo x El Todo in 2013 event when Cage was a partner of La Migra with Oliver John. Last week, the Machine defeated Matt Hardy in the Tables Laders and Chairs match to capture the Future Stars of Wrestling Championship in Las Vegas Nevada. And Wrestlemania Weekend, you’ll see Cage take part of the King of Indies Tournament as part of the WWNLive Experience in San Jose California.

United Wrestling Network Subscription
When speaking of the vastness of the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood video vault, people tend to forget how far back David Marquez has been promoting professional wrestling.  Although CWFH has produced 200 episodes over five years of promoting wrestling locally, the library contains programming from NWA Pro Wrestling Showcase that originally aired on MavTV and NWA Wrestling Showcase on Colours as well as their arena shows like the Pro Wrestling Summit, the NWA 60th Anniversary Show from Philips Arena, the Copa de Lucha, and the NWA Pro/EPW Tour of Australia that featured WWE’s Daniel Bryan wrestling against Sean “Xpac” Waltman from back in 2007.  This tour was part of a tournament to crown the NWA Australian Heavyweight Champion.  The tournament featured Rocky Romero, Mikey Nichols, Claudio Castagnoli, and Bobby Marshall as well.  Also on the card was a NWA World Tag Team Championship Match between the Real American Heroes (Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson) vs. Hartley Jackson and Shane Haste.  Waltman and Bryan were the main event and you can watch it via the United Wrestling Network powered by Patreon.  To join for as little as $2 a month, click here.


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