United: Canadian Wrestling’s Elite Announces Partnership With DDT

For decades it was common practice that talent was traded back and fourth between Canadian and Japanese companies with many iconic talents benefiting from the learning excursion and experience in another high leveled, high profiled wrestling country.

In the new millennium that was lost somewhere along the way and the once great wrestling country of Canada who produced some of the greatest and respected wrestlers in the world literally fell off the map with only a fraction of the talent getting the global breaks they once did.

CWE is ecstatic to announce a partnership with the worldly popular Dramatic Dream Team organization out of Japan that will open the doors for talent of both organizations to get the opportunity to compete and gain experience in each other’s respective countries allowing for a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities that were once seen as off the radar or unobtainable.

In January of this year the door was opened with high profile DDT competitor “The Japanese Beast” Shigehiro Irie competing on CWE’s New Heights Tour to great reviews and success.
Over the past two weeks “Hotshot” Danny Duggan was in Japan with likewise successful appearances for DDT. While there an agreement was made between the two companies that will see talents of both organizations use this relationship to improve their portfolio, wrestling abilities, and brand themselves internationally.

CWE is very excited to work with such a talented, top tier organization like DDT with such an amazing roster of talent that is certain to be a success in Canada when given the opportunity.
Stay posted to www.cwecanada.ca for more news as it develops.

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