The Powerhouse from King’s Lynn has remained flawless in the United Kingdom. Nick Aldis first became NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion on December 9th 2017 after defeating Tim Storm at in Sewell, New Jersey, USA at Combat Zone Wrestling’s “Cage of Death 19.”

After two successful title defenses in the United States the British Wrestler returned home for seven consecutive title defenses in which the champion bested the likes of Bram at EPW Wrestling, Big Grizzly at Pro Wrestling Chaos, Joseph Conners at EPW Wrestling, David Starr at IPW UK, Phil Boyd at Pro Wrestling Ulster, Dan Evans at Coventry Pro Wrestling and lastly Harlem Bravado at Big League Wrestling.

The National Treasure’s seven title defenses in his first three and a half months as Champion smashes any previous records of NWA Worlds Championship defenses in the United Kingdom.

After regaining the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the NWA “70th Anniversary Show” on October 21st 2018 in Nashville Tennessee Aldis agreed to three more title defenses to round out his calendar. The champion faced Ricky Knight Jr. at World Association of Wrestling on December 22nd. Made his return to IPW UK to defeat Jimmy Havoc on December 23rd. And closed out his 2018 campaign with a victory over Iestyn Rees for his Preston City Wrestling return.

When taking into consideration that Aldis essentially held the title a little over 10 months, he had as many matches in the UK as he had months being champion. For a championship that had such little traction its 70 years of existence, Nick Aldis has certainly created something special for United Kingdom Wrestling Fans. And if 2018 is indicative of what Nick Aldis has in store for 2019, I imagine it won’t be long before the Worlds Heavyweight Championship returns to the United Kingdom.

Special Thanks to @WrestleEvents for the photos from PCW

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