UCW-Zero Live Jun 30th

Saturday June 30 2012 • 6:30PM
UCW Training Center
47 South Orange St., Salt Lake City, UT
Tickets:$10, $3 for Kids 6 and Under

This all started at the age of 7. He was having a lot of headaches. When he got this checked up on, they discovered a Tumor. In addition to this Tumor, they found cyst growing in his brain that was causing the Headaches. When they went to remove the tumor, they hit this vessel in his brain and it caused a Stroke. And unfortunately, more has happened to him. From all this he has to be on Medication for the rest of his life.
Tickets are $10 for General Admission and $3 for Kids 6 and under. All proceeds benefit the Family of Mason Jeffs. Here are some the matches announced.

MAIN EVENT: UCW-Zero Heavyweight Championship
Tyler Cintron VS Derrick Jannetty

Zack James w/ Sierra Rose VS Junior X
Winner will become #1 Contender to UCW-Zero Cruiserweight Championship


Sierra Rose VS Morgan VS Marti Daniels

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