Two Years Ago, NWA goes live

Two years ago the NWA went live on Facebook to present Tim Storm defending his Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Nick Aldis in Southern California as part of the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Taping.

Long before there was NWA POWERRR the National Wrestling Alliance would showcase much of their talent at the Oceanview Pavilion on Port Hueneme, California. This, of course, is where Championship Wrestling from Hollywood takes place. Two years ago today this era of the NWA tried something it hadn’t done before, it went live.

Looking back, it was a success for all the parties involved because it got people talking about the NWA nearly 45,000 people watched. On a Sunday afternoon at 5:00pm, the NWA presented a Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match between then-champion “The Perfect Storm” Tim Storm. His opponent would be formerly of Impact Wrestling, Nick Aldis, who had dubbed himself the National Treasure. This match was built up for weeks via the Ten Pounds of Gold and ultimately would lead to Aldis becoming champion and helping to take the NWA to new heights.

Two years ago times have changed dramatically for the NWA. Their YouTube show, NWA POWERRR is being recognized by fans and contemporaries alike for providing something different in the current wrestling climate. But it all started back at the Oceanview Pavilion.

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