Triple Crown Champion no more, Tommy Taylor NEW NWA Florida Champion

Pro Wrestling Fusion has been the home promotion for the Sheik, a madman with blood lust, who has created a new breed of pain for his opponents not just in Florida, but all over the US.  The Sheik parlayed his desire to be World Champion into a conquest for gold.  The Sheik one the NWA Florida Championship and would go on to win the NWA Midwest Championship from Silas Young and the North American Championship from El Gran Apolo.  The Sheik has been leveraging himself into the World Title picture with each successful defense of his Triple Crown Title.
Things would take a change for the worse on Saturday Night in Ft. Pierce, Florida.  It wasn’t too long ago when a fireball encompassed the face of British born wrestler, Tommy Taylor.  The burns and scars would heal, by the psychological damages wouldn’t mend until vindication would come for Tommy Taylor.  When I spoke to Tommy Taylor on Alliance Radio (listen here), Tommy made it clear he would not rest until he caused some pain and suffering to the Champion.  It took 3 Stages of Hell, but Tommy Taylor found a chink in the armor of the Middle Eastern Madman, and took one of his covenanted prizes… the NWA Florida Championship.

Congratulations to Tommy Taylor on his Florida Championship Victory.

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