Trevor Murdoch Defends National Title in Texas

Trevor Murdoch defends the NWA National Heavyweight Championship for the first time since winning the title on September 29th, 2020.

Screen Captured from SWE Fury East Texas Wrestlefest

At the East Texas Wrestlefest in Carthridge, Texas; Trevor Murdoch defended the NWA National Championship. Defeating Jeremy Wyatt at SWE Fury This would mark the first defense for Trevor Murdoch since becoming champion.

NWA National Championship

Trevor Murdoch is the 5th man to become NWA National Championship since the title was reactivated in 2018. Willie Mack became the inaugural champion at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show. Mack outlasted Jay Bradley, Parlow, and Ricky Starks, in a Four-Way Elimination Match before defeating Samuel Shaw in the finals. The title would eventually land around the waist of Aron Stevens at NWA Into The Fire. Murdoch and Stevens would feud in NWA POWERRR over the title. Murdoch defeated Stevens and become the National Champions on Prime Time LIVE Episode 3 and finish their feud.

Who is Jeremy Wyatt

A veteran of the Midwest, Jeremy Wyatt has held a multitude of wrestling championships. Wyatt has held NWA titles; including the Missouri Heavyweight Championship, the Central States Championship, and the Metro Pro Wrestling Championship. Wyatt had actually battled “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for the Metro Pro Championship. Although and had defeated Cabana to win the NWA Central States Championship. Tonight’s match against Murdoch would be Wyatt’s introduction to SWF Fury.

Southwest Wrestling Entertainment

Southwest Wrestling Entertainment formed in 2016 and reactivated in August of 2019. The Promotion covers much of the South West Area. The weekly television show, SWE Fury, airs new episodes weekly in the Southwest. The show features many talents familiar with the NWA audience in the past like; Tim Storm, Charlie Haas (SWE Heavyweight Champion), Thunder Rosa, Jazz, Rodney Beguard, and many more.

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