Top 10 to watch in NWA Pro/EPW in 2011 – Part II

In part one, we took a look at Brett Foxx, Jay Taylor, Chase Griffin, Chris Vice and Tyler Jacobs. Now we look at the five hottest rising stars in EPW today.
#5 – Sebastian Sander
Now the fact that Sander is not #1 in this list may cause some debate. But there is a good reason for him not placing higher. Sebastian Sander is a main event level star RIGHT NOW. For the past 12 months, this man has led his team into battle against the Blackest Hour. He took the fight to Richter, time and time again, with no fear in his eyes. At Re-Awakening he stepped into the ring with three of the best wrestlers in this country and was clearly the most dominant force in the match. Not only that, but he scored a pinfall victory over experienced veteran Rocky Menero. Sebastian Sander is the real deal and 2011 WILL see him recognized as the top level superstar that he is.
#4 – Carlo Cannon
As a former EPW tag team champion, Carlo has been severely underestimated as a force in the singles ranks for most of his career. Everywhere Carlo has travelled, he has been known in concert with his tag team partner, Slex. For years, Slex has been considered one of the very best in Australia while Carlo has lived in his shadow. But 2010 saw a far more serious Carlo as he took Davis Storm to the limit in April before scoring a huge win over former EPW champion, Bobby Marshall in September. Cannon is ready to take aim at the very best in 2011 and finally establish his name once and for all.
#3 – Kiel Steria
Another man who has constantly lived in the shadow of his tag team partner, Kiel Steria returned from Los Angeles with a new attitude in 2010. With his new agent, William Darcy, leading the charge, Steria went from career underachiever to the finals of the Invitational Tournament in twelve short months. While he never lacked the ability, Kiel now has the confidence to become a top line player in EPW. With Darcy and Hayden Zenith in his corner, the man known as ‘Hollywood’ will be a tough customer for anyone who encounters him this year.
#2 – AZ Vegara
In a recent poll, the wrestlers of EPW voted Shane Haste as the best wrestler in their ranks. In April of this year, AZ Vegara managed to score the biggest win of his career in defeating Shane Haste. From early 2010, this seemed like it would be the year that Vegara finally become a main event player. But with his regular tag team partner, Damian Slater, unavailable for the second half of the year, AZ lost focus and the year slipped away. He is now focused and ready to live up to the hype that has surrounded him for so long. AZ Vegara could be considered as the single most talented wrestler to never wear a championship in EPW. I would be shocked if we can say the same thing in a year’s time.
#1 – Marcus Pitt
From day one, Pitt had all the tools required to make it in EPW. With a physique and work ethic that was second to none, he set about making a name for himself by any means necessary. As a longtime member of the European Union, Marcus was employed as the muscle of the team but was often left as the lamb to the slaughter as Jonathon Wimbledon’s plans went awry. Since breaking away from the Union, his climb up the EPW ladder has been steady but unspectacular. In mid 2010, Marcus made the commitment that he would never again let an opportunity slip through his grasp. He beat the odds to defeat Chris Vice, Elliot Sexton, Kiel Steria and Carlo Cannon and become the Invitational Tournament winner for 2010. He has now etched his name alongside Jimmy Payne, Davis Storm, Shane Haste, Richter and Tyler Jacobs. He now wants the same thing that those five men have had that he has not. The EPW championship. With more than four years experience under his belt now, Pitt is ready to become the superstar that he always threatened to be. 2011 could be the year that Marcus Pitt truly becomes the ‘Golden Greek’.
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