Top 10 to watch in NWA Pro/EPW 2011 (Part 1)

For the first nine years of Explosive Pro Wrestling, there have been several names that have dominated the main event scene. Jimmy Payne. Mikey Nicholls. Bobby Marshall. Shane Haste. Davis Storm.

These men have been the names that have helped define the style that has helped make EPW one of the premiere independent wrestling organisations today. The end of 2010 has shown us that a new generation of wrestlers are ready to step up and take it to the next level in EPW.

This is not a list of the men most likely to become ‘THE’ #1 wrestler in EPW. Rather it is a list of guys who are ready to take the next step from where they currently sit in the pecking order in EPW.

#10 – Brett Foxx
This youngster has exploded onto the scene with two high flying performances towards the end of 2010. The only way is up for Foxx. He currently sits at the bottom of the EPW heap but already he has shown that with his speed and quickness, he has the ability to defeat anyone he finds himself in the ring with. After scoring a shock pinfall over JT at Re-Awakening 9, he will no longer be able to sneak up on anyone and will need to continue to improve to keep his momentum going.

#9 – Jay Taylor
This may come as a surprise to many as Taylor has been on the fringes of the main event scene for almost 18 months. However, in that time, you got the feeling that JT never truly felt comfortable. While he put in some great performances and even scored some huge victories over some big names, Jay never seemed to believe that he could win the big one. That lack of belief was exploited time and time again by more experienced campaigners like Jurah and Storm. But at Re-Awakening, JT appeared to have rediscovered his swagger and that may see him take that final step into the spotlight.

#8 – Chase Griffin
Since his tag team with Dan Moore went belly up in late 2009, Griffin has struggled for consistency. While finding some success, he has failed to make the strides that were expected of him after his stunning Match of the Year performance at Evolution 2009. However, Chase has shown a great knack of producing when the big occasion arrives. Griffin almost caused a stunning upset at Re-Awakening in his street fight with Tyler Jacobs and is he can repeat this sort of form he could be a big improver in 2011.

#7 – Chris Vice
In the early years of his career, Chris Vice seemed to be on the verge of breaking through to the next level only to experience disappointment as he was continually unable to take the necessary steps to consolidate a spot at the top of the card. It has taken a change of shape, attitude and style to finally create a monster that is capable of fulfilling all the promise that he has had since his debut in 2004. Under the guidance of his tag team partner, Jonathon Wimbledon, Vice has ditched the fancy moves and replaced them with a smash mouth style and the frame to back it up. If Wimbledon continues to keep Vice focused on defending the tag team titles, they could potentially hold those belt for the entire of 2011.

#6 – Tyler Jacobs
From 2001 to 2005, the name ‘FN Carnage’ sent a shiver down the spine of every wrestler in the EPW roster. As the only man to hold the EPW championship and the tag team titles concurrently, he was THE dominant name in Australian wrestling. But as injuries started to stack up, he found himself slowly sliding down the card in 2008. A serious knee injury saw him disappear completely before he re-emerged in the middle of 2009. Now Tyler Jacobs has returned to the no-nonsense, tough-as-nails wrestler of old and that spells bad news for everyone in EPW. The ruthless attitude that saw him dismantle Chase Griffin at Re-Awakening would have sent a message to the EPW locker room. The baddest dog in the yard has returned. If Jacobs continues this sort of path, there will be nothing out of his reach. Not even the EPW championship.

In part two of this article we will take a look at the top five wrestlers to keep an eye on in 2011.

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