TOOMER vs. LANE – Road To Episode 50

SATURDAY | On Championship Wrestling From Memphis Episode 50 the rivalry between K Toomer & Austin Lane finally will come to an end in a Unsanctioned Match!

But what lead to this match? Lets take a look back to this rivalry…

When Championship Wrestling From Memphis finally arrived in the WrestleCenter Austin Lane started his “Best Of The Bests” Challenge. A young wrestler named “Connor” was one of the challengers but failed to get a victory over Austin Lane. King Cobra took him under his wing to prepare him for the rematch but… Connor never showed up. After weeks of questions the attacker was revealed on Episode 26: K TOOMER!

K Toomer attacked Austin Lane on Episode 26. On Episode 28 Austin Lane confronted K Toomer backstage and challenged him to a Match. This match happend on Episode 30: Austin Lane defeated K Toomer – but via DQ! Lane substained a shoulder injury due to attacks of K Toomer.

After his shoulder injury Austin Lane was supposed give a update about his injury but K Toomer attacked the Best Of The Bests! Nikki Lane & family friend Matt tried to save Austin Lane but K Toomer finished them off.

On Episode 37 the injured Austin Lane came out to the Memphis crowd and called out K Toomer! Nikki Lane & Matt came out to stop Austin Lane to get more hurt…

Now that Austin Lane is out of action… It didn’t stop K Toomer to make the Lane Family hell as he cost Nikki Lane the Memphis Wrestling Women’s Title on Episode 39 by attacking Matt!

A angry Matt challenged K Toomer to a match after Nikki Lane lost her Memphis Women’s Title but failed to get the win over the Master Of FatJutsu on Episode 40.

Going into the Grind City Rumble K Toomer defeated Anthony Idol and was considered to be one of the favorites to win the Rumble. He entered the Rumble as No. 27 and eliminated 5 people – including Matt who entered the Rumble as No. 28. It looked like K Toomer will win the Rumble until Austin Lane made his return as No. 30! With the help of Uncle Mikey Austin Lane was able to eliminate K Toomer before Lane defeated Mikey in the finals to win the Grind City Rumble 2022!

Austin Lane will go into Super Bout as the No. 1 Contender for the Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship against “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels – a match 15 years in the making! But will he go into this match healthy? Lane challenged K Toomer to a Unsanctioned Match on Episode 49 – which Toomer accepted later in the episode!

Can Austin Lane finally overcome K Toomer in a One-on-One Match? What if K Toomer hurt Austin Lane again? Will Toomer move into the title match?

Find out this Saturday at Noon on Championship Wrestling From Memphis!

** Championship Wrestling From Memphis is available on CW30Memphis, Tubetown & Youtube **

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