Tommy Cairo no longer with Force One Pro Wrestling

It was just a little over 4 years ago that I sat down with Phil Varlese and Dan Brown to discuss putting together a school and wrestling promotion in South Jersey. We had run the successful Outlaws of Wrestling at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City for several years, but I felt a need to spend more time with my family in 2001, and eventually withdrew from the business.

We formed a new organization called Force One Pro Wrestling, and set out to work on making future stars in this business. To that end, we were successful, as some of the best talent has come from our school over these past few years.

In addition, we ran some good shows in the South Jersey area, drawing crowds in areas that had never seen an indy show, and turning them into Force One fans.

As with any business during these economic times, we went through some rough financial times in 2009, as ticket sales not only for Force One, but for indy shows in general, declined.

With some dissention in the ranks, Phil Varlese left Force One in April of 2009. That left me with the additional responsibilities of Phil’s, as well as what I had been doing running the day to day opertations. Ask any promoter, it’s a lot to handle. I turned over the reins at Force One to one of our trainers.

While I was still “owner” of F1, I no longer had a financial stake in the company. I continued to guide Force One, it’s workers, trainers, and students, until September of 2009.

Many changes have taken place in the company over the past few months. There’s a new website with a variation on our name. New workers, bookers, story writers, and others that were not there when I was running F1. They recently put up something on the old Force One website that said “Out with the old, in with the new”. The “NEW” Force 1 Pro looks nothing like what was envisioned when we put together the original idea.

I feel somewhat disrespected by the new management. The guys who worked for Force One in the past poured their heart and souls into our organization. I’ll always be grateful for that. Unfortunately, most of those workers are no longer part of that organization. My conscience will not allow me to stand by as “owner”, and allow my name to be associated with a product that does not represent me, or what I want to contribute to this business.

That said, this release is to advise that I am NO LONGER affiliated with the new organization known as Force 1 Pro. While the original Force One Pro Wrestling was affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance (thanks to the work of our good friend Fred Richards), I can not guarantee that the NWA will continue to support this product.

In closing, I want to thank the fans that supported the original Force One Pro Wreslting over the years. Additonally, every worker, staff member, trainer, and student of the original F1, from my heart, thank you!

Tommy Cairo

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