Tokyo Monster: Kahagas Pro Wrestling Training Seminar June 19th

Kahagas Training

When Kahagas won the NWA National Title from Chance Prophet, many fans of the National Wrestling Alliance were surprised. Although the Tokyo Monster has competed across North America, the Caribbean, and working in South America, fans of the NWA in the States didn’t know him or his reputation. They didn’t know of his feuds with former NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr.

Kahagas in a short amount of time have wowed NWA Audiences in Texas, Florida, the Midwest and in the North East. Kahagas is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and is currently the NWA North American Champion and NWA Florida Underground Champion.

At the Pro Wrestling Training Seminar, Kahagas will take a hands on approach in instructing how to become more accomplished in the world of professional wrestling.  All Wrestlers are invited to attend, registration fee is $25.

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