To exists for more than ones self.

Dear Faithful,
First off I’d like to welcome you all to the new year. I’m hoping going forward we can continue to grow as a community and I hope to partner with more individuals to help make this website even greater for all fans of the National Wrestling Alliance.
And more often then not this site will be dedicated to promoting the National Wrestling Alliance and keeping the fans informed across the vast alliance. But for the first time I’m asking you for a favor and it only involves your orange juice drinking habits.
Until March 31st. 2010, Tropicana Orange Juice is running a program to save endangered rainforest. All I’d like from the community is if you live in the United States and are drinking Tropicana Orange Juice is to save your carton. On the top of the carton is an eleven digit code, which entered on their website preserves 100 sq. ft. of rain forest. I hope you join me and see if we can help preserve more of the rain forest. If you are interested in helping me, contact me Jay Cal and maybe we can make a difference.  If you shop at Costco, a four pack of Tropicana OJ goes for about $10.56

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