To Be the Best in North America, Badd Blood Enters the Storm…

October  16th 2015 in Texas a date that sends a cool chill down the spine of Badd BloodBladd Blood.  Wrestling for twenty three years some things never change, the rush of adrenaline when your music hits, the excitement, the eerie sense of calm knowing that this is where you belong.  For Badd Blood, October 16th marks the date where the hunted becomes the hunter.  For the past 270 days the “Ghetto Heisman” has defended his NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship far beyond the reaches of the Great Northwest.  The title has been defended in Oregon, Southern California,  Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  When Badd Blood enters the ring at NWA Texoma this weekend, it will be the first time in 279 days as the challenger, not the champion.

The National Wrestling Alliance North American Championship has been a symbol for excellence with a pedigree that’s connected to; Kevin Von Erich, ROH’s Steve Corino, Barry Windham, Lucha Underground’s Hernandez, Damien Wayne, Byron Wilcott, Kahagas, and currernt NWA World Champion Jax Dane, to name a few.  Since the title was established in 1994, five out of the 37 champions have gone on to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.  Current champion Tim Storm won the championship by defeating Andy Anderson at NWA Texoma in the Finals of the North American Championship Tournament on July 17th 2015.  The title was vacated when Jax Dane relinquished the championship due to injury.  Storm is a two time NWA North American Champion, a former TCW Heavyweight Champion.

Initially trained by Bill Anderson, Mondo Guerrero, and Rey Misterio Sr. from the World Famous Gil’s Gym Lucha Libre Gym and later the New Japan Inoki Dojo (both in Southern California), The Ghetto Heisman is set on a collusion course with the Empire’s Tim Storm for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship.  Coincidentally enough, Blood is on pace to tie the longest NWA Pacific Northwest Championship Reign (currently held by the Grappler) the day after this big event for NWA Texoma.  Also featured next Friday night will be; Texoma Champion Charlie Haas and NWA World Champion Jax Dane and the NEW Freebirds

Theoretically, when Badd Blood wakes up on next Saturday Morning, he could have tied the longest Pacific Northwest Championship reign and be the NWA North American Champion.




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