TIM STORM vs. JOCEPHUS – Stipulation and Location Revealed

Tim Storm vs. Jocephus has been a personal issue running in the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) dating back to November. It started over the NWA Ten Pounds of Gold, which is now held by Nick Aldis, leading to Jocephus cracking two ribs on Tim Storm while he still was the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. The NWA suspended Jocephus for forty-five days leading to his “period of contemplation” with his spiritual advisor. After losing the NWA Worlds Title to Nick Aldis, Tim Storm demanded that Jocephus fight him like a man. Jocephus instead demand that if he beat storm in this fight, he won the NWA World Title match Storm has coming to him. When Storm denied this request, Jocephus and his spiritual advisor made this personal. Tim Storm was infuriated; demanding retribution and if Jocephus didn’t find a place, he’d find him. This lead to today Jocephus and his spiritual advisor announcing the location, time and stipulation. We can confirm that this match will be uploaded YouTube.com/NWA. Please subscribe and turn on bell notifications to find out when this NWA Wrestling match is ready to be watched.

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