Throwback Championship Wrestling leaves the NWA

Throwback Championship Wrestling“After returning from Dallas, and the success of NWA Parade of Champions, I’ve been motivated to start projects that NWA Throwback has been working on. First a renovation and upgrade to the building we tape TV in. Including custom ring aprons, more lighting, pipe and drape etc. But even bigger, is the summer launch of a full time wrestling channel on Roku. And with that:
I have gone into business with former NWA member Billy Wood of the UK, and we have acquired a series of exciting wrestling libraries from Japan, Europe & the states. We are all set to launch as an online subscription & Roku channel in June/July and will be showcasing all the old libraries plus looking at the right partners to be weekly/special event shows on the network too, their are earn out deals for each participant based on views so it’s another potential revenue stream.” – Chris Lash

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