Thoughts on SoCal Pro Wrestling’s Collision Course 2011

SoCal Pro Wrestling presented Collision Course on Saturday May 14th from the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club.  I have only ever had a good time at the SoCal Pro shows and the streak would continue despite some disappointing news.  Off the very bat it was announced that “A Double” had some traveling issue and would not be in attendance tonight. 
My heart instantly sunk.  Austin Aries is an amazing performer.  He’s held the Ring of Honor World Title twice.  He’d had some of the best matches I’ve ever seen.  Aries beyond a shadow of a doubt is one of the greatest wrestlers walking today.  But I didn’t hurt for me, for the fans at the show.  I really felt bad for SoCal Crazy.  Crazy has had some pretty good matches with a bevy of different opponents in SoCal.  He’s wrestled for the NWA Worlds Title against Pearce, he was a Unified SoCal Pro/AWS Heavyweight Champion and has held countless titles.  But this match could have been something different, maybe an opportunity to show the naysayers that he is a top talent not only in this area, but in the United States.  And with no disrespect to anyone at SoCal Pro, but I didn’t want to see Crazy taking on just anyone. 
Enter Jaysin Strife.  Strife is probably about as under rated performer as SoCal Crazy.  Strife is from Iowa but has popped up in SoCal from time to time, wrestling in Mach-1 and various other promotions in in the state.  I had even seen him in the ring before, but Saturday Night… Strife brought his A-Game.  SoCal Crazy and Jaysin Strife made me shut up and listen.  Made me pay attention to what they did in the ring.  Strife isn’t Austin Aries, but he put on one hell of a match with Crazy.  Strife brought out the very best in SoCal Crazy and the two had a match of the year candidate that night. 
The night would also reveal new tag team champions with  2 Skinny White Guys (Nic Lovin and Peter Avalon) defeated Kid Caramba and Todd Chandler.  2 Skinny White Guys were on pace to winning these tag titles for months, first being screwed by the Ballard Brothers who would defeat the RockNES Monsters and then lose the titles to Chandler and Caramba.  Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana was able to deflate the “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel, until Avalon and Lovin got involved.  And later in the night Mandel, Avalon, and Lovin would help Tommy Wilson retain the SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. 
Tommy had the difficult task of stuffing Hector Canales into a casket.  And although he had help from his compadres, it was a very difficult task.  Canales was obviously not happy with Wilson and wanted to end his title reign, much like the way Wilson ended his.  Canales however was just out numbered and was sealed in a Casket following a “Megastar” Super Kick.  
The complete results of the Collision Course 2011 can be found at  Clearly SoCal Pro Wrestling continues to present some of the best wrestling in Southern California. SoCal Pro returns to action Friday, June 10, 2011 and Saturday, June 11, 2011 will be The 1st Annual SoCal Pro Tournament to be held in Escondido, CA. The SoCal Pro Tournament will feature sixteen wrestlers trying to advance and become the winner in this two-night event. 

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