Thoughts on rankings and chase for the 10 lbs. of gold

Before I begin I would like to thank Jay Cal and everybody at for giving me an opportunity to write blogs for this fantastic website. My first blog that I’m going to write about, and will probably be a theme for me are the look at the top ten rankings in the NWA plus the serious challengers for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, held currently by Adam Pearce. The hunt for the 10 lbs. of gold has not been this exciting, this thrilling and this entertaining since the NWA Heavyweight title was in TNA. Adam Pearce, who has been a great representative of not only the title but the NWA itself has not been a classic champion. He has faced all challenges and still has the title. But let’s take a look at each guy in the top ten and how they could figure into an already heavy chase.
10. Lance Cade.
The former WWE Superstar and trainee of Shawn Michaels is a world traveler. He’s been in Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico and more. His size and power is a good characteristic for a contender at the World title. Currently in NWA Southwest, his goal is set at the Texas Heavyweight Championship currently held by Chad Thomas. If Lance Cade can capture the Texas Heavyweight title then not only will he move up in the rankings but will also have more eyes looking at him as a serious contender to Adam Pearce and the title. But for right now, Cade is at a good spot but one huge title win gets him into serious talk.
9. Shane Haste.
Currently one half of the EPW Tag Team Champions in Australia, Shane Haste is one of the best wrestlers currently wrestling in the land down under. Unlike Cade, Haste’s looks might not be able to help his case chasing the gold. At only 6’2″ and 205 lbs. he might not be thought of as a serious threat to the NWA World Heavyweight title. But like the old saying goes, great things come in small packages and Shane Haste might be that great thing that could not only bring him fame but also bring the NWA World Heavyweight title to Australia for the very first time.
8. Robbie Hart.
The current NWA Australian Heavyweight Champion is an individual who could also represent Australia as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Since his win back on March 20th he has been on a roll. Nobody has been able to stop him and it can only get better for the champion. Can Robbie make it all the way to the World title or are there road blocks along the way for Robbie Hart?
7. Antonio Thomas.
Another former WWE Superstar, Thomas has been making a name for himself all over New England. Also a former NWA Liberty States (currently On Fire) Heavyweight champion, he has a lot of great talent and potential to challenge Pearce. Go all over not only the United States but the world as well to chase him for the title. A veteran of nine years, Thomas could be the guy that gets the job done and takes “Charlotte” away from Pearce.
6. Sid Sylum.
Sid pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year when he defeated Scotty Mac on April 10th of this year to become NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion. When he defeated Mac, who had held the title for almost two years, Sylum not only took the title but also took what could’ve been a huge opportunity for Mac. Now it’s Sid Sylum’s turn. He represents all of Canada and would make a great representative as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. 2010 has been Sid’s year so far, can he continue making it his year by becomming the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion as well as NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion?
5. Blue Demon Jr.
The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Blue Demon does have a right to a rematch against Adam Pearce since he was the former champion. It’s just a matter of when and if Adam Pearce will give him his rematch. As the current head man in NWA Mexico his time for a title shot may have to wait for a little bit. Also that could delay that is Oliver John, one of his most hated enemies. Oliver John may take Demon’s attention away from his hunt to regain the NWA World Heavyweight title but being the professional he is, Blue Demon Jr. will get right back on track for a chance to regain the title no matter what happens to Oliver John.
4. The Sheik
A wrestler that may get some votes as wrestler of the year in the NWA, The Sheik did something this year that nobody has ever done before. He held at one point in time, the Florida, Midwest and North American Heavyweight titles. No wrestler has ever held a state, regional and national title at the same time and it might be a long time before anybody does. The Sheik has been going all over the United States defending the North American title. The Sheik is the kind of wrestler who if given one chance, just one, could take away the NWA World Heavyweight title from Adam Pearce. Plus, with his array of weapons and fireball The Sheik is an unpredictable wrestler who can pull anything out at anytime. If given the chance, will The Sheik pull something out to become NWA World Heavyweight champion? If given a chance.
3. Shinsuke Nakamura.
Even though he is returning from injury, he has accomplished a lot of things in his career. A former U-30 champion, co holder of the IWGP Tag Team titles and IWGP Heavyweight champion he may be the most serious threat to Adam Pearce and his title. Nakamura could also become the first Japanese NWA World Heavyweight Champion since the late Shinya Hashimoto won the title nine years ago. But as mentioned, he is returning from an injury and his shoulder could play a part in any hope of getting a title shot. If he was not coming back from an injury, he might very well be number one in the rankings and maybe in line for a shot. Instead, he’s got some work to do to not only get back to the top of New Japan Pro Wrestling but to also get into the conversation of the NWA World Heavyweight title.
2. Oliver John.
Before Adam Pearce defeats Blue Demon Jr. in Charlotte this past April, the closest man to beating Demon for the title is Oliver John. At one point, he even laid claim to being the NWA World Heavyweight champion although he didn’t win the title. If he can defeat Blue Demon Jr. in Mexico then Oliver John may very well be the number one contender and the next one in line for a title shot. However, if he loses to Blue Demon Jr. then it’s going to be a long climb to get back into the talk for a title shot.
1. Phil Shatter.
If you saw the three way elimination match for the NWA World Heavyweight title back in April a lot of people thought that Shatter had won the title. But instead, Adam brought a shoulder up and has the title. Phil Shatter has been the National Heavyweight champion since January 19, 2009 and has defended the title against everybody!!! He has been easily the best National Heavyweight champion since Chance Prophet and may very well go down in history as the greatest NWA National Heavyweight champion. But a wrestlers career is sometimes not defined by being the greatest holder of a title, it is defined by becomming NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Phil gets his chance on August 1st in Ohio when he faces Adam Pearce. If he wins the title he will join an elite group of all time greats and hall of famers. But if not, will he ever get another shot at the title? Only time will tell.
Before I end this blog, I wanted to talk about real quick two men who have title shots coming up in August. On Saturday August 7th, Adam Pearce defends the title against Bryan Danielson, a man who many thought including myself back in 2007, would be NWA World Heavyweight champion. But an eye injury forced him out of the tournament and it seemed like we would never know if he would get a shot. Now he gets his shot in front of not only the fans but some of the biggest names in wrestling history. But if Adam Pearce survives that night, he’s got another title defense on August 8th against an unknown opponent. Could it be Phil Shatter? Who knows it remains to be seen.
Then, in Texas on August 14th it’s Charlie Haas. A former collegiate wrestler and WWE Champion, Haas has the wrestling ability to take the title away from Pearce. With his family in the building on that night it will be the biggest match in Charlie Haas’ life. Can he get the job done? Can he become the next NWA World Heavyweight champion?
There you have it. Each of these men can become champion but some will fall and others will rise to the occasion. No matter who challenges Pearce for the title it will be a fight and it will be remembered for a long time.

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