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Since the pandemic hit worldwide we saw a big shift in every Wrestling promotion – CWFH included. CWFH returned to live-action back in September 2020. Here are some thoughts on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood

Too Many Turns

Babyface/Heel Turns are an opportunity to shake things up on a Show. New rivalry, new match-ups, new teams? The opportunities are endless. But what if we see way too many turns? Since the start of the pandemic era, we see a lot of turns in CWFH – which is kinda unusual for the promotion. From the double Turn of Ray Rosas/SoCal Distancing, silent turn of Keita, Danny Limelight for The Bodega, Sweet Robin Shaw, Dan Joseph going crazy, Halston Boddy, and now Anthony Idol!

Lack of Babyfaces

If you look at the turns most of them turned Heel! On the CWFH there is a huge lack of Babyfaces… Ray Rosas, Jordan Clearwater & EJ Sparks are the only faces who have been Champions at one point. The rest are heels or no longer with the promotion. Jack Cartwright steps up the ranking but it doesn’t change the fact of the lack of babyfaces on the roster.

Too Many DQ/No Contest Finishes

That point was also mentioned a lot via Social Media & on the live chat of the Youtube premiere. Episode 515 was one of the latest few episodes which had a no DQ or No Contest finish. People would rather see a straight or dirty finish than a DQ or No Contest finish every week.

Building New Stars: Hits & Misses

When CWFH came back to action in September 2020 we saw new talents coming in. Some were used like regulars and some were not. The last season we saw some build-up of Snypes & Jesse James – both of who are not with CWFH this season for whatever reason. Especially Jesse James as Levi Shapiro’s right man could have been a big thing! Snypes got the respect of the CWFH fan community with his performances but now is not on CWFH anymore. Why? Anthony Idol came in in 2019 for the PP3 Cup 2020 and looked like he could be the next big star in CWFH. But the trigger was never pulled – yet! He did not win the TV Title – despite 3 Title Matches and even got pinned on one of them! – and is now Levi Shapiro’s Enforcer. Wait… What? “If you can’t beat them, join them”. But I still think that Anthony Idol can get there where he should be. Richie Slade, who has been a United Wrestling Network regular for so many years, is finally a Champion! But is his booking strong? No… It is lacking a strong feud/rivalry to cement his Champion status & legacy in CWFH.
Where are the hits? “King Fat Boy” Papo Esco! He came in, formed The Bodega turned the Tag Division upside down! The impact he has with The Bodega is so strong… Their fanbase wants the Bodega [to compete] other companies. Despite the trio not being together outside of the UWN (Limelight in NJPWStrong & AEW, Boogie in NWA). Jordan Clearwater finally got his break by building a winning streak and became Heritage Champion! He should have a long title reign… Right? NO! He was stopped by Jack Banning. Banning returned to CWFH with a new character – and he elevated himself with Clearwater to the top. CeCe Chanel is the most improved Wrestler of all CWFH wrestlers since the pandemic era. Despite her servant status under Nikko Marquez/Jamie Iovine she proved herself in every match! Viva Van returned to CWFH and is already on the top after improving her skills in the past 2 years. Mylo Matters could be the next one – if the booking & her skills continue to improve here. Dan Joseph was a fighting Champion before and during the Pandemic era and the current storyline of him gives him new opportunities to add more layers to his character… Right!?

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