This Bulldog Still Has Some Bite: My Interview With The Geordie Bulldog Sean Denny

Sean Denny has endured more in the last year than some people do in a lifetime. From his own brother turning on him and then feuding with him, to his brutal feud with the Mempho Mofo Mark Bravura, to currently being sidelined suffering from the effects of 2 concussions suffered at the hands of Bravura in a span of 2 weeks. Recently I sat down with Denny and he had alot to say about his brother, Bravura, and his future.

Q: First off Sean lets get to the most important thing. How is your health after suffering 2 concussions in 2 weeks a few months ago?


A. Its getting there, not quite as fast as i had hoped. Still having the occasional issues with the ol’ emotions and balance, and sleep is still hard to come by. But all that does is leave me more time to sit around and imagine all the twisted, sick and down right evil ways im going to get the twat from Memphis to beg for his life. See the good thing about the internet is this, just because i dont remember anything about getting the concusion etc. I have a photographic image blown up and plastered all through my Dojo of a steel chair being Memphis Mafia Kicked into my face………..Wait……what are we talking about?…..Just kidding

Q: Any idea when the doctors might give you a medical release?


A:  As it stands now i’m set to make my return to the ring and NWA Fusion July 28th. That is of course if the brain doc clears me by then. I’ll tell you this much though, I couldn’t give a toss if my brain is still acting up. I will be at Brutal Games. I dont care if i have to sign every medical waiver Fusion has, Theres no way this Geordie is missing my chance to kick Bravuras head in. Everyone knows that the match at Brutal Games will be an “I quit match” but im going to let you in on a little exclusive right now. Theres been a ” Gentlemans agreement” made between both camps, and right now the Fusion lawyers and Mofo’s personal team lawyers are hammering out the details to add the stipulation that after this match only one of us will be around to fight for Fusion after the match. We are adding a loser leaves town stipulation. There is only room for one of our ego’s in Fusion land. and the man will be the new NWA Continental Champion the Geordie Bulldog Sean Denny.


Q: You and The Mempho Mofo Mark Bravura have had a heated history to say the least. What started the hatred between you two and what are your feelings on The Mofo?


A. To be completely honest i dont really remember anymore mate. But i can tell that this thing has reached a personal level for all involved like this sport has ever seen. Any time we are in the ring now its no longer an athletic competiton, its just a dirty drag out street fight. Its got to the levels of brutality now that when i get him in Lock Jaw, I Cherish the sound of him gurgling for air, i giggle watching his eyes fill with blood and i thouroughly enjoy the desperation in his face as he realizes after everything he has put me and my family through, Tearing my ACL and PCL in my knee with the Mempho Toe Hold. Breaking my baby brothers knee forcing him to get metal plates and screws. The attacks on my friend and number one student Brandon Day. Causing my manager Shy to walk away by threatening her with a steel chair. And thats not even getting into the meat of the war. Look pal, He’s just a fn’ bully of the worst kind, and theres nothing im going to enjoy more than hearing him yell I quit and sending that Helen Hunt packing.

Q: Last year your brother Marky D turned on you and that no doubt had to devastate you.  But Marky has recently had a change of heart and finally stood up to The Mofo. What is the current status of you and Markys relationship?


A: Yeah. I’ll give the devil his due. When that tosser realized he couldn’t break me in the ring. That like any Bulldog i was just going to keep fighting until there wasn’t a breath in my soul. He smartly changed his game plan and went after me emotionally. Anyone who knows anything about me knows i have the worst temper around, I’m not exactly famous for being the most stable individual. At the time Marky and I were on top of the world, living our childhood dream. Together we were the NWA Fusion Tag Team Champions, and I had beaten Mofo for his beloved Alpha championship and sent him to the nut house. I love to fight and compete, so the fact that i was defending two belts a night became a challenge that I thrived upon. It really brought the best out of me. One night we were defending the tag team championships and POP, My brother knocked my block off and all my belts were gone and the Rapture was formed and in no time dominated Fusion. Since then the family has had to suffer, Marky refused to be at any family event I was at, i havent really seen my nephew since or Marky his. It’s definetly sad, he wasn’t just my brother but also my best friend. But as it stands now i think its a pretty safe bet that things will never be the same between us again. As far as him standing up to Bravura. All i can tell you is I know he’s still under the employment of the Rapture, He’s still cashing those massive checks. And if thats where he wants to be thats his choice, As a Denny Ijust want him to stand up and be the man I know he is, stop embarrasing the family by letting himself be pushed around and humiliated, he just needs to be a fn man.


Q: You have wrestled a virtual who”s who in Fusion and beyond. What 3 matches are you the most proud of?


A. Top of the list has to be the Ironman match with Damien Wayne. To me that match is and has always been the true test of a wrestler. 2nd would be a match from VCW where i faced off against in my opinion the best tag team in the world today The Hallstars. This is a match Im proud of on many levels, and 3rd would be getting the chance to wrestle a hero of mine Mr. Chris Candido. It was a true honor that i will take to my grave. Coming in close to those, my 3 steps to hell match for 6d6’s career vs my VCW heavyweight Chamionship ( a 2 out of 3 falls table match that 6d6 invented…..sick ) Beating Daniel Bryan at the NWA Legends Fanfest. And my fave tag match was The Geordie Bulldogs vs The massive team of the Hatriot and Vulstag in Fusion. sorry i couldnt stop. lol


Q: If you had to pick one opponent for your final match who would it be and why?


A. Wow thats a great question. I’d be very happy to go out fighting Pat Cusik, Brandon Day, Zak Hilton or Dirty Money. But if forced to pick i’d have to go with one more fight with my big friend Pat. I’ve had countless matches with the others but dont feel as though Pat and I have scratched the surface of what we could do. I think we could create violent magic that people wouldnt soon forget.


Ok Sean lets wrap this up with a little word association. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Mark Bravura Marky Denny A,1 Damien Wayne Brandon Day Shorty Smalls Larry Horsley Preston Quinn Spencer Chestnutt Ryan Zane The NWA Fusion fans.


Mark Bravura- The best mind in the sport of Wrestling today….. I’m going to  enjoy turning it to undercooked oatmeal. Marky D – Personal feelings aside he’s the best manager still working today A1- Easily the #1 team in Fusion,Ii’d like to see them tested against the top teams out there like the Set, The Hallstars and maybe OSE. I dont think they have been fully tested yet, and until that happens we wont know what there truly made of. DW- I personaly dont think he’s human. The bloke is like the Undertaker of the Mid Atlantic wrestling scene. Brandon Day- Always makes me very proud. As good as he is, he is just now starting to find himself in the ring. Horsley- Extremely underated, a true student of the game and one of the better technical wrestlers out there. PQ- A true throw back to the old school, Tough as nails, as strong as a 2000 lb rampaging bull and has without a doubt the best punches this sport has seen. Shorty- Another bloke that doesnt get the credit he deserves for just how great he is. Also my trainer. Spencer- A jack of all trades in the wrestling game. Great at everything he does. When Im old and done if I run my own promotion the first 2 people Id give jobs to are Spencer and Neil Sharkey. With them there if anything needs done they can jump right in, managing, anouncing, commentary, wrestling etc etc. Zane- A good kid, but if he doesnt learn to control his nerves and fears this sport is going to continue to chew him up and spit him out. If he can get a handle on that then i see good things for the youngster. Fusion Fans- The most amazing, loyal, vocal, emotional fans i have ever had the priviledge to fight for.


Thank you Sean for your time and good luck on your return to the ring.


Denny: Anytime my friend.  Thank you for having me


Photo Credit:  Dave Layne


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