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April was the busiest month to date for the National Wrestling Alliance in the Lightning One Era. The NWA hosted its first PPV in Chicago on April 7th. with television tapings the following day. They would film matches for POWERRR and USA the following day. One week later the NWA would send some of their talents to Australia to join the Smashing Pumpkins on Tour. The World is a Vampire was a concert series that blended equal parts pro-wrestling and alternative rock music. They would tour all over Australia with ten events in 15 days. Prophecized by Billy Corgan who said, “We will become an international company again.” The NWA has now held events in 7 cities in the United States, 9 cities in Australia, and one in Mexico City.


Birthed from long flights and long days, the Southern Six is a defacto faction that emerged on this tour. Bonded by the tour, the group consists of Alex Taylor, “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason, Kenzie Paige, and Kerry Morton. Over the course of the ten days, the foursome would cause havoc to the native talents appearing. The group would assault the audience with vulgar promos. They would often cheat their opponents out of clean matches. Unfortunately for fans of the NWA, the United States might not be ready for the Southern Six. It should also be noted that Taylor was injured while on tour.


17 years ago marked the last time the World Jr. Heavyweight Championship crossed the Pacific. Steve Anthony would defeat Tiger Mask on NJPW’s Road to Invasion Attack 2016 to become a two-time champion. Kerry Morton has defended his championship over 13 times. At least five of those matches have been outside of the United States. Reportedly Morton scored victories over Australians; Adam Brooks, Mick Moretti, and more. With 170 days as champion and counting, Morton is ranked 35th on the all-time days as a champion board. Seemingly, Morton will team with his father and former World Junior Heavyweight Champion at Crockett Cup 2023.


Kenzie Paige became the first ever NWA Woman’s TV Champion at 312 PPV. Having already defended her championship for the first time on POWERRR. Paige lost her only title match by disqualification to Cherry Stephens in Sydney. Not sure if this dq will impact her Lucky Seven streak or if it’ll even be acknowledged in the United States. Kenzie spent a good part of the tour wrestling in matches with Natalia Markova. Markova is currently the number-one contender for the Women’s World Championship. And while not in the ring, she has often seen aside the Southern Six causing distractions.


Two-time NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion, stayed golden on this tour. The pair have held the titles for a combined 533 days. In their two reigns, they are the only tag team to have defended in the US, UK, Mexico, and now Australia. The last tag team champions to defend in Australia were Karl the Machine Gun Anderson and Joey Ryan, the Real American Heroes all the way back in 2007. During this tour, they also worked with Taylor of the Southern Six. It is expected the pair will take part in the Crockett Cup 2023.

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