The Truth Behind The Sheik’s reign of Terror

The Truth Behind The Sheik’s reign of Terror…by Tim Sult

He considers himself to be the most sadistic man in Professional Wrestling, and we would be hard pressed not to agree. He is the current NWA FLORIDA and NWA MIDWEST Heavyweight Champion, a champion who terrorizes wrestling with rule breaking ferocity. He is personally responsible for putting Tommy Taylor out of wrestling by severely burning his face and damaging his eye sight. He recently broke Chris Jones’ neck and put him out of wrestling forever. He has left a bloody trail of broken and beat down bodies all over the world. He is feared, he is hated, he is the most notorious madman in wrestling today. He is THE SHEIK.
(The following interview with The Sheik was completed with the help of a translator. This is the very FIRST interview The Sheik has ever done. Here is the exclusive interview in it’s entirety.)
Q: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Sheik.
A: …………
Q: Are you always so enthusiastic about interviews?
A: I am very enthusiastic about destroying my opponents while making them suffer and taking their championship gold. I show my enthusiasm inside the wrestling ring.

To read the rest of this interview, check out this interview by Tim Sult, The Truth Behind The Sheik’s reign of Terror.

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