Talkies: Match of the Year

The feud between Douglas and Owens for the NWA World Junior Heavyweigth Championship was one of the most widely seen feuds in the entire NWA as the duo competed against each other multiple times in Eastern Tennessee and in West Virgina.  The highly anticipated one-on-one match for the Junior Heavyweight Title was postponed due to Douglas’ injury.  Injuries so severe that the NWA Board of Governors stripped Douglas of the title and awarded the winner of a mini tournament the championships.  Owens proud to be champion, but really wanted to prove himself against Douglas.  This match between a man who was never beaten for the title and man set on proving himself set the bar high for all other matches in the NWA.  The I quit Match between Pearce and Cabana was a close second as well as the match between Scorpio Sky and Willie Mack for the Hollywood TV Championship.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match in a Steel Cage at NWA Smoky Mountain Chase Owens (C) vs. Kevin Douglas: Match of Yhe Year

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