The Supreme Wrestling Newsletter: Thoughts on “Supreme Wrestling: Last Word” Episode 9

WARNING: Minor spoilers of this week’s edition of “Supreme Wrestling: Last Word” will be contained in the review below. If you are interested in watching the entire episode without any hints, I would click the play button on the video above before reading.

This week’s episode of “Supreme Wrestling: Last Word” gives us highlights from Supreme Wrestling’s “Game Over” major event and a thrilling tag team spotlight match between TJ Kemp and Joey Venom and Leon Elliot and Kid Thunder.

The highlights from the “Game Over” event look really exciting and fast paced. Unlike the more aerial promotions in the American independents, Supreme Wrestling sticks to its Indiana roots and gives viewers a glimpse into the promotion’s hard hitting and brawling-based style. In the highlights of the match between Eric Draven and Leon Elliot, the two men use everything around them to put on one hell of a match and show for the audience.

Speaking of Leon Elliot, the promotion’s most prominent babyface combines his efforts with Kid Thunder’s to put on a very good tag team match against TJ Kemp and Joey Venom. The bout includes some spots that show off how this style of wrestling can be utilized in a humerous manner while also sticking to its traditional story building nature. Like many other promotions, Supreme Wrestling uses the events that occurred in the tag team match to build up a singles feud between Leon Elliot and TJ Kemp.

After the match concludes, the two men speak their piece and decide to settle their issues in a specialty match that involves one of the foriegn objects used near the end of the previous tag team match. I noticed that this episode of “Last Word” contains a lot of content that drives forward the story of Leon Elliot’s rise to singles prominence. By including highlights from his match against Eric Draven and his tag team match with Kid Thunder, Supreme Wrestling shows all of the evidence needed to justify Elliot’s ranking at the top of this week’s Supreme Wrestling Top 10 list.

It should also be noted that the show contains clips of every EPIC member wrestling throughout the “Game Over” weekend. Nic Noble is shown tagging with his stablemates, Angus Barnett is shown in two different matches against Tommy Jack McGee, and Martigan, himself, is shown speaking about his upcoming match with Brian Pillman Jr. I don’t believe that it is a coincidence for all of EPIC’s members to have their own segments in this week’s show. EPIC is clearly following the advice of their “spiritual advisor,” Darrin O’Neal, and laying out any competition in their path as they climb the ranks to become one of the most dominant heel factions that Supreme Wrestling has ever produced.

This week’s episode was good and contained a lot of quality wrestling that fans of the American independent scene should enjoy. As Supreme Wrestling prepares for their “Unconquered” event tonight, I am excited to see how all the stories that are being told in the ring develop once they are included in next week’s “Last Word” episode. Maybe more content from the “Unconquered” event can be included in the TV portion of things. If not, the matches from the weekly live show should provide some interesting news and action as well.

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