The Sheik to be Fighting Champion

Negotiations are underway to bring NWA World Champion The Sheik to western North Carolina for the first time in several years. North Carolina Wrestling Federation Champion “Old School” Lou Marconi has issued a challenge to The Sheik and it has been verbally agreed that The Sheik will defend the NWA World Championship against Marconi in Cherokee, North Carolina sometime in July.
The Sheik, after being called out by Marconi said that he would be glad to “cut Marconi up into little bitty pieces” any time and anywhere the former NWA-East Champion wanted to step into the ring with him.
During an appearance on “And Then The Bell Rings” radio The Sheik said he wanted to be a Champion who defended the belt against whomever was brave enough to challenge him. The Sheik also noted that he wanted to be the first NWA Champion to defend the belt across the globe including defenses upcoming in Japan and Alaska. The Sheik said that he would be a fighting champion and one of his first defenses would be a rematch with former champion Colt Cabana.
Marconi has lobbied for months to get an opportunity to wrestle for the coveted “Ten Pounds of Gold” cutting promos on former champion Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, The Sheik and the NWA itself. A match with Adam Pearce for the title came close to happening in the NWA-East for Marconi but fell through at the last minute. “I have waited for twelve years to get my shot, I do not care who has the belt, when they get into the ring, I am walking out the NWA Champion” Marconi said.
As negotiations continue between the NCWF, Marconi and The Sheik to return to the Mid-Atlantic region for a title match The Sheik is preparing for a match scheduled for July 31 in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio State Fair with three time former champion Adam Pearce. Pearce is on the injured list with a serious neck injury that may put not only the match on hold but also threatens his career. “I am not sure when I am coming back” Pearce said “but I hope it happens soon.”
With title defenses coming up for The Sheik against former champions The Sheik said he did not feel he was at a disadvantage saying “my style is unorthodox and those who challenge me are at the disadvantage, not Sheik.”
The summer will be a hot one in the NWA and The Sheik is certain to feel the heat as the target on his back continues to grow with each new contender lining up to get their shot at the NWA World Championship.

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